Nellore: Consumption of eggs, chicken up




  • The prices of eggs and chicken are skyrocketing due to enhanced consumption after the Covid pandemic in the district
  • People make egg a part of their daily meal due to its rich protein and vitamins to combat the Covid-19 effectively

Nellore: When the topic arises about immunity level for combating the Covid-19 with a good source of protein, amino acids and antioxidants, people immediately recall the low-cost and readily available egg for boosting immunity levels and consequently the prices of eggs are now touching around Rs 6 each in the market.

Now, the prices of eggs and chicken are skyrocketing due to enhanced consumption after the Covid pandemic and even the doctors are also suggesting consumption of chicken and eggs to patients for good sources of protein. So, people made an egg, a part of their daily meal. Earlier, the cost of egg priced at Rs 3 during February-March due to the misconceptions on its consumption, now touched Rs 5.45 in the wholesale market.

The eggs are being offered to patients at many quarantine facilities and covid care centres along with their daily meal to boost their immunity. Even though there are restrictions on its use for weight watchers, but eggs serve as excellent support for boosting immunity system, the reason is they pack in so much protein. "We used to sell egg at Rs 3 during the initial days of pandemic in March. Earlier there were misapprehensions on the use of poultry products whether they may be having the presence of virus. But, as soon as the doctors started suggesting them, use of these products has risen steeply and now, every household is stocking at least an egg carat," said N Balaramaiah Naidu, former regional chairman of NECC and proprietor of an egg centre.

The district requires around 12 lakh eggs per day and the poultry farms in the district can produce only around 3.50 lakh. The rest of stocks are being transported from Hyderabad and other places.

The sale of eggs was at 8-9 lakh a day some 4-5 months ago and now, the demand has increased in recent months. Consequently, there has been an increased demand of 20-25 per cent when compared to the previous months, people in the trade say. The demand for chicken is also increased like the eggs where it was being sold at Rs 100 per three kgs due to poor response from customers. Now, the skinless chicken is sold at around Rs 260 a kg. Broilers are being transported from Chittoor and chicken is also going sky high due to the interest of common people and Covid patients.

Chicken is also being preferred by the Covid patients as it has 28 per cent of protein, presence of vitamins A, B, and a small amount of E. People in the poultry industry say 20 per cent of additional consumption registered in the district because of the pandemic situation.

"The demand for chicken and eggs has gradually been increasing since March-April giving encouragement to poultry industry. We are now getting broilers from Chittoor and other places for meeting the demand," said the owner of a hatchery. Interestingly, the demand for mutton is steady and a kg is being sold at Rs 800, which was around Rs 700 some 6 months ago.

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