Prices of vegetables skyrocket in Guntur

Consumers purchasing vegetables at BR Stadium in Guntur on Tuesday

Consumers purchasing vegetables at BR Stadium in Guntur on Tuesday


Carrot selling at `89-a-kg, tomato 50-a-kg, green chillies `80-a-kg

Guntur: Vegetable prices are rocketing to the sky and beyond reach of middle class and poor families due to short supply. As a result, almost all the vegetables are selling above Rs 40-a-kg. None of the vegetables are selling below Rs 40-a-kg in the market.

Carrot is selling at Rs 80-a-kg which was sold at Rs 50-a-kg earlier. Tomato price jumped to Rs 50-a-kg from Rs 40-a-kg within ten days. Similarly, potato price touched Rs 50-a-kg, which was sold at Rs 40-a-kg and capsicum selling at Rs 80-a -kg. Beetroot which was sold at Rs 25-a-kg, is now selling at Rs 50-a-kg. Brinjals price hiked to Rs 40-a-kg, cucumber is selling Rs 40-a-kg, ladies finger, donda are selling at Rs 40-a-kg. Green chillies are selling at Rs 80-a-kg, which was previously sold at Rs 60-a-kg. Plantain are selling each at Rs 10. Leafy vegetables are selling a bunch at Rs10.

Traders are saying that they will get carrot from Karnataka. Due to Covid-19, they are not getting stocks as earlier. Short supply leads to increase of demand, which led to increase of prices of vegetables.

P Shankar Rao, a vegetable vendor said, "Same price will continue till the new crop of vegetables enters into market. Due to recent rains, horticulture gardens damaged in all the districts. Comparing to earlier, almost all the vegetables supply had fallen."

A consumer K Lakshmi said, "Due to hike in price of vegetables, I would have to spend more budget on vegetables. At present, I am spending double budget on vegetables comparing to earlier. Due to Covid-19, my family income had fallen."

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