Ramanarayanam temple is now a destination point to tourists

Ramanarayanam temple

Ramanarayanam temple


Glittering sculptures, idols and pleasant atmosphere give a warm welcome

The Vizianagaram district is emerging as a tourist spot as the city is just 45 kilometers away from Visakhapatnam and the people who are coming to Vizag are visiting here to see the attractive places. Now another gem which we can say Rama Narayanam came into the crown of Vizianagaram.

The project here is attracting a huge number of people from every corner of Andhra Pradesh and even the tourists from Odisha and Bengal are also visiting and enjoying it a lot. This is located just six kilometers away from Vizianagaram and developed by Narayanam Chalamayya and sons, who are in the business and even in charity, philanthropic activities for the past few decades.

The aim of this 10-acre project is to propagate the ideology of Sri Rama and to publicize Satyam, Dharmam to the society. Once we step into this compound, the person will forget himself and will definitely become involved in the story of Ramayana and recollect the story of the holy book and will travel in those mythological ages.

The entire story and history of Ramayanam was designed in the form of sculptures and idols. BaalaKaanda, Aranya Kanda, the episode of Lakshmana chopping nose and ears of Surpanakha, golden deer, what not.? Every episode of Ramayanam is depicted by these colourful idols.

The construction of Rama Sethu, war between Rama and Ravana and bringing back Seetha to Ayodhya and every scene were designed on the walls here. The air-conditioned halls welcome the visitors with cool breeze and will show the entire Ramayana in the form of idols. Apart from this, the glittering Anantha Padmanabha statue also prints unmemorable images in our minds. The echoes of mantras which come from the Veda Paathasala in the same premises have also drawn the attention of the public.

Narayanam Srinivas, director of this project says, "Our forefathers started their life with very less investment but they never cheat and loot the public for their benefits. But they trusted Satyam, Dharmam only. Anyhow after a few years they became successful business men and made huge money.

They told us to follow the ethics and morals and insisted us to follow the ideology of Srirama and believe in Satyam and Dharmam. We are simply following the footprints of our gate fathers and walking on the way which was shown by Sri Rama. We are here to publicising the concept of Srirama. We want to see the Rama Rajyam " he said.

The other statues like Hanuman, Sri Lakshmi and Saraswathi glitter during night time in colourful electric lights. The organisers conduct various cultural programmes like classical dances, ChekkaBhajana, Hari Katha to entertain the people.

Interestingly the entire buildings were constructed in the shape of a bow, which is in the hands of Srirama. Anyhow, this iconic tourist spot became very popular in this area. The campus is crammed with the tourists on Sundays and on festivals.

K Anjali, a class 10th student said, "I visit Rama Narayanam frequently with my mom and dad. There we play and spend some peaceful time at the temple." K Ramakrishna, an auto driver said, "it was an unmanned area for the past four years. But when the project was opened, the traffic towards Ramanaraayanam increased. Even the auto drivers also get good money by transporting the public. Generally, we take Rs.15 per person to reach there. Around 50 auto drivers are depending upon the new tourist spot." Anyhow a person will definitely step out of Rama Narayanam with a heart full of devotion and mind full of peace.

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