TDP leaders suspended from the AP Assembly for the day due to protests in the house

Speaker Tammineni Sitaram

Speaker Tammineni Sitaram 


The AP assembly speaker Tammineni Sitaram suspended the TDP members from the house for one day as they created ruckus.

The TDP members in Assembly budget meetings on Monday has once again created a stir. The TDP legislatures have protested in the house entering into the speaker podium aiming to insult the Speaker, the Chair and the Legislative Assembly. They did not listen to Speaker Tammineni Sitaram's repeated pleas that valuable meeting time should not be wasted and that the dignity of the House should be maintained. Against this backdrop, the speaker of the house suspended the TDP members from the assembly for one day.

The Andhra Pradesh state Agriculture Minister Kurasala Kannababu was angry that TDP members were behaving with the aim of tarnishing the image of the House. They have been accused of creating myths and false propaganda against the government. He urged the speaker to implement the rules of the house against the MLAs who are creating ruckus in the house.

Andhra Pradesh Assembly budget‌ sessions resumed on Monday. As part of proceedings, the ministers will introduce several amendment bills in the house today with minister Vellampalli Srinivas to introduce the Hindu Charitable Amendment Bill, Minister Narayana Swamy to introduce the Foreign Liquor Amendment Bill. Voting will be held on Budget Demand Grants for Skill Development, Tourism, Medical and Health Education. Also, there will be a short discussion on the construction progress of the Polavaram project.

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