Tomato out of reach for commoner

Tomato out of reach for commoner

  • Rising temperatures and lack of water sources pushed up the price
  • At present, tomato price is between Rs 80 to Rs 85 per kg in Kakinada district

Kakinada: In view of the rising temperatures and lack of water sources in Kakinada district, tomato production has come down and the price shot up to Rs 80 per kg. Currently, tomato price in wholesale market is between Rs 45 to Rs 55 per kg, while in retail market it is being sold at Rs 80 to Rs 85 in the entire Kakinada district. In Rythu Bazar, tomatoes are being sold at Rs 52 per kg.

For the common man daily consumption of tomato has become difficult in view of the soaring price. Taking advantage of the inadequate tomato import, local market people are exploiting consumers by raising the price.

Prices have shot up about four times since the beginning of May when tomatoes were being sold at about Rs 40 per kg. A vendor G Srinivasa Rao said that there is no tomato crop in the district. He attributed it to lack of water resources and summer season. He lamented that they are unable to purchase in bulk at reasonable prices.

Assistant Director of Marketing KRR Nageswar Rao told 'The Hans India' that the prices usually soar up during summer. They are importing tomatoes from Chinturu and other places,

he added. Gandhinagar Rythu Bazar Estate Officer T Ranga Rajan told 'The Hans India' that at present Gollaprolu varieties are not available in the market. He said tomato crop has ceased from April in the district and non-production of tomato and its export to other States led to the escalation in the prices.

RTC Complex Rythu Bazar Estate Officer R Srinivasa Rao said that they are importing tomatoes from Madanapalli and Kanigiri villages of Chittoor district. He said 40 to 50 tonnes of tomato is required per day for the consumption of people, but only 10 tonnes tomato is imported and hence prices have shoot up. He said that there are no tomatoes in the local market and added that it's a regular phenomenon particularly during summer season. Hoping that tomato rate will come down during rainy season, he said the high prices will continue for one more month. A local resident B Sneha Sri said that they have to think twice before purchasing tomatoes as the rates are between Rs 80 to Rs 85 per kg in the open market.

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