What are RGV's 16 Questions to Chandrababu?

What are RGVs 16 Questions to Chandrababu?

My 16 Questions To The AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu, And The Vijayawada Police

1.While on my way from Vijayawada airport to my Hotel why was my car stopped on the road and why was I whisked away by the police?

2. The police said they had orders not to let me enter Vijayawada and make me get on a flight back to Hyderabad ..Who gave the orders?

3. I was confined like house arrest in a room at the airport for 7 hours without letting me go out or let anyone come in to meet me ..Can anyone give the reason ?

4. The notice the police gave said the press meet has been stopped for security risks but why was no explanation offered for any of the high handed actions of the police like not allowing me to go into Vijayawada, detaining me for hours and forcing me to go back ?

5. Why did the Police restrict me from conducting a press meet even at my friends place thus restricting my fundamental right of freedom of speech ?

6. Why were the DGP and CP of Vijayawada completely silent inspite of my repeated requests to speak to them?

7. Why did the police officers who took me into custody refuse to tell me about who took the decision to arrest me ?

8. Why did they refuse to tell me whether it is an individual's decision or a collective decision and on what grounds ?

9. Was the police machinery acting at the behest of the political masters?

10. Since it is only a caretaker Govt shouldn't the DGP and CP take ownership of the decision and give an explanation for their orders?

11. Police action CANNOT be arbitrary and whimsical. Every police action, particularly when curbing the rights and freedoms of individuals or groups as enshrined in the constitution, has to be on the basis of a clear cut rule and provisions of law. And such basis has to be spelt out clearly. Curbing rights, freedom and liberty is always subjected to scrutiny and questionable. Police and political leadership are duty bound to explain every such action. Why wasn't it done ?

12. This police action of stopping me is an administrative decision. Since there were no violations of any established laws of the land or rules by me, such drastic actions can only be on the basis of arbitrary higher ups decisions. However even if such decisions are on the basis of provisions of law they need to be explained why such curbs on rights, freedoms and liberty? Hence it's important to know who has taken the decision?

13. The DGP who is the head of police administration and the Commissioner of Police (CP) Vijayawada has to come forth and explain the basis and the grounds for such a action. Whether it was done by themselves or at the behest of some other masters.?

14. Is the Police machinery obviously partisan and political and are dancing to the tune of the head of the care taker government ? . If they deny, then shouldn't they prove and justify?

15. Press meet in a room is a very closed door activity and does NOT affect or cause any public disturbance. Therefore if the local police cannot allow such a closed door activity that means they are either absolutely partisan or thoroughly and professionally incompetent. Can they deny that ?

16. My last question to you ,Sri Chandrababu Naidu Garu, is this: Are we a democratic India or a dictatorial Andhra Pradesh ?

My rights, freedom and liberty have been trampled upon mercilessly and openly. I have been humiliated publicly. I seek answers. Every public servant is accountable and answerable to the people and public of our great democratic country. I humbly request the Vijayawada Commissioner of Police Sri Tirumala Rao IPS and the honorable DGP Sri RP Thakur to give a reasonable explanation

I have absolute faith in our constitution and the democratic polity of our great nation. As a citizen of this country I always abided by the laws of the land. I always have respected and have full faith in the great institutions which safe guard the rights and liberties of individual citizens and groups in our diverse society, to come forth in rescue and do the corrections whenever and wherever such blatant transgressions are made. I also believe that the people who are silent witnesses will seek answers and yearn for corrections. And to them on my behalf and their behalf I assure that I will not remain silent.

If I do not get answers for my 16 questions within 16 hours, I will go to the court to demand accountability and protect my rights, freedom and liberty as enshrined in our constitution and restituted to me.

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