Will dual degree system benefit students?

Will dual degree system benefit students?

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In the spirit of New Education Policy-2020 which calls for multidisciplinary and flexible mode of education for all, UGC announced a dual degree programme for both UG and PG levels on April 12. The facility, available across all courses or combination of courses, is expected to help students get two degrees simultaneously and thus improve their employment opportunities. When The Hans India spoke to people on the issue, many agreed that benefits outweigh the demerits of the new system

The dual degree programme proposed by NEP 2020 facilitates the students to pursue two degrees simultaneously in physical and online modes. They can take admission at two institutions without submitting the TC at one of them. There is a flexibility of multiple entry and exit too under which a student can exit after first year of honours degree with certificate programme, after second year with a diploma and after third year with a degree. They can re-join the course after a gap of one or two years. It enables the youth to acquire new skills and knowledge with which the quality of the education system will improve.

Prof D Krishna Moorthy,

Department of Economics, SV University, Tirupati

The students will definitely have a competitive edge in the job market. They will have diverse career options. So, there will be greater chances of employment. It also saves their time. But, the course workload will be very high. They will have little time for other things. They also have to pay more fees. And also, the students cannot specialise in any particular branch. They may not have expertise in any particular field.

P C Sai Babu, Reader,

Bapatla Arts and Science College

Promotion of dual degree programmes by UGC as a part of the National Education Policy (NEP -2020) is a good proposal. Dual degree programme equips the graduates with a variety of abilities and provides a wide range of employment opportunities. Coupled with trans-disciplinary education, the integration of skills from different fields helps the students to tackle real world problems. The concept of dual degree relies on the students choosing to do two different programmes to broaden their horizons of knowledge and their opportunity of employment.

Prof P Uma Maheswari Devi, Director,

IQAC, SPMVV, Tirupati

The government didn't conduct any awareness programme for the students, parents or educators on the dual degree concept. How it is going to encourage it, and what are the norms in the implementation of National Education Policy-2020? The students are already writing a number of exams on the semester system, and they do not have enough time for the preparation or to join a short term course offered by APSSDC at least. No parent or student has made enquiries about the dual degree so far. If the universities are able to design career-oriented courses, offer one degree in the regular and other in the distance mode, while the government educate the high school students on their options for career-oriented degree courses, and offers scholarships for both courses, then only dual degree courses concept is viable.

Dadi Anjaneyulu, Principal, Harshini Degree College, Ongole

Dual degree system is useful to students who want to gain more knowledge and skills. This system mainly is based on the digitalisation of our higher education. To achieve it we have to acquire and establish more equipment at classroom level. In the wake of Covid-18, we had to adopt online teaching and learning methods as it was a necessity for us at that time to carry on with academic year. Now also we have to continue the trend to achieve world class universities' standards in India. Then only fruits of dual degree system will be enjoyed absolutely for the better future of our students.

Lakhinana Sridevi, School Assistant, Physical Science, Government ZP High School, Kasibugga, Palasa mandal. Srikakulam (Photo-1)

Job-oriented courses are required to be introduce in the dual degree system which will help to eradicate and reduce unemployment and under employment problems. Various educational institutions at graduation and post graduation level need to convert their systems for quick implementation of the dual degree courses and students also need to be provided orientation and awareness on the pros and cons of this new system. Experts will have to explain how this system is useful to students to get good job opportunities at an early age. The dual degrees will be more helpful for students of engineering, law, accounts, commerce, management, education and training related courses.

Prof G Vasanthi, Department of Mathematics and Humanities, Aditya Institute of Technology and Management College, Tekkali, Srikakulam district

Every year, a number of students change their subjects in degree courses or discontinue them for various reasons. They forfeit the fees paid to that college and the parents bear an extra financial burden to join them in another subject or in another college. The dual degree course will help if the student is talented enough, and he is capable enough to learn the subjects in both degree courses in parallel. But the present students are not ready for the dual degree, and there are not enough colleges to allow them to pursue one degree in the morning shift and one in the evening shift. The government should brainstorm with the experts in preparing a perfect schedule for instruction and exams in association with all universities, consider common subjects passed if the student passed them in one course for the benefit of the students.

Kolagatla Venkateswara Reddy,

Principal, AKVK Degree College, Ongole

UGC approved the dual degree programme for students as per NEP-2020. Many universities in India also have given approval for starting dual degrees in different disciplines. One full time degree and one part time degree are feasible for the overall skill development of students. Doing two full time courses at the same time in one institution will be a challenge for the students. Detailed guidelines in coming months will clear the position on simultaneous dual degree programmes for the benefit of students.

Dr Majji Sashibhushana Rao, Director, Satya Group of Educational Institutions, Vizianagaram.

Introduction of Dual Degree concept is good and beneficial to the students. This concept was introduced in Yogi Vemana University(YVU) from the current educational year. It will not only help students to pursue two different degrees at the same time but also saves time and money. Yogi Vemana University has introduced dual degree in Fine Arts, Stage Arts, Classical Music, Classical Dance, Western Music, Western Dance, etc., from this year. I am also doing PG Diplama in Stage Arts (DSA).

Dr Tummala Suresh Babu,

Faculty, Department of Journalism, Yogi Vemana University

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