Will give 'full payback' to every false case, says Nara Lokesh

TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh

TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh


Mangalagiri: TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh on Sunday asserted that his party would pay back in full to each and every one of all those 'fa...

Mangalagiri: TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh on Sunday asserted that his party would pay back in full to each and every one of all those 'false cases' that the YSRCP and its uniformed men are filing to harass the TDP leaders and activists.

Lokesh warned that all those erring policemen who are supporting the YSRCP vengeance politics would have to eventually to go to jail along with CM Jagan Reddy sooner or later. The YSRCP leaders cannot escape from paying back for all their omissions and commissions.

In a statement here, the TDP leader said that some policemen are behaving like YSRCP uninformed activists and are filing illegal cases to serve the political interests of the ruling party. He asked how such false cases should be filed against former CM Chandrababu Naidu.

False arrests of the TDP leaders are being carried out without any respect to the laws of the land and the constitution.

Lokesh said that any government would give first priority to save the lives of the people by providing hospital beds, oxygen supply, ventilators, the life-saving medicines like Remdesivir and so on.

But the Jagan Reddy regime was pursuing politics of victimisation with a single point agenda. The vaccination and prevention of infections were not even the second and third priorities of the AP Government.

The Covid-19 was doing a death dance at hospitals and they were filled with heaps of dead bodies. He deplored that the government is offering the people as a sacrifice to the coronavirus by not taking up vaccination on a war footing.

Whereas, CM Jagan is misusing the whole official and police machinery only to embarrass and weaken the TDP in an arrogant and adamant manner. The people are watching how the CM's oppressive actions were destroying their future and that of the State as a whole.

Decrying the government's misplaced priorities, he said that Jagan Reddy was accused in over 31 cases because of his unchecked corruption running into lakhs of crores. But now, the tainted CM is getting illegal cases filed against all those who have called him a looter and a thief.

The Jagan Reddy mafia gangs looted the public resources so much that the common man could not find sand. At the same time, the ruling party miscreants filed false cases against 'Nara Lokesh' on false charges of hacking the sand booking sites.

Lokesh asked the police officials why they are not booking cases against Minister Seediri Appala Raju who also made similar remarks as those of Chandrababu Naidu with regard to the N440K variant.

What could Jagan Reddy do other than filing false cases and making false arrests of the TDP leaders?

The TDP would not sit silent, if the misguided officials continued to harass the TDP only to satisfy their YSRCP bosses. Many officials landed up in jail in the past just for blindly carrying out the illegal tasks given by the Jagan family.

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