YSRCP second-rung leaders want sitting MLAs changed

YSRCP second-rung leaders want sitting MLAs changed

There has been tumult among party cadre after CM decided to continue with incumbents in five Assembly seats of Palasa, Narasannapeta, Etcherla, Amadalavalasa, Pathapatnam and Amadalavalasa

Srikakulam: Second-rung leaders of the YSRCP are not happy in all five Assembly constituencies in the district as the party president and the Chief Minister (CM) YS Jagan Mohan Reddy wished to continue sitting MLAs. Mandal and the constituency level leaders in all the five Assembly constituencies of Palasa, Narasannapeta, Etcherla, Amadalavalasa and Pathapatnam have been raising their voice against sitting MLAs and issued an ultimatum to the party president and Chief Minister to change the sitting MLAs. But the leaders of dissident and rebel groups are disappointed with the decision of the party president continuing the sitting MLAs for the upcoming elections.

YSRCP leaders Duvvada Srikanth and others revolted against Palasa sitting YSRCP MLA and minister for animal husbandry Seediri Appala Raju and demanded change of candidate.

In Narasannapeta constituency YSRCP senior leaders, Dola Jagan Mohan Rao, Tammineni Bhushan Rao and others from Saravakota, Jalumuru, Polaki and Narasannapeta mandals revolted against the district president and former deputy CM and sitting MLA Dharmana Krishna Das and demanded he be changed to avoid defeat.

In Etcherla also YSRCP sitting MLA Gorle Kiran Kumar has been facing wrath of the party leaders in Ranastalam, G Sigadam, Laveru and Etcherla mandals and they organised a series of meetings against the MLA and gave an ultimatum to the party high command to change the candidate here.

In Pathapatnam seat also YSRCP sitting MLA Reddy Shanthi has been facing wrath of the party leaders in Kotturu, Meliaputti and Pathapatnam mandals and they took out rallies against the MLA and demanded the party high command to change her.

In Amadalavalasa constituency also YSRCP sitting MLA and Assembly Speaker, Tammineni Sitaram has been facing opposition from the party senior leaders, Chintada Ravi Kumar, Suvvari Gandhi, Kota Govinda Rao and others. Interestingly, all these rebel group leaders and Speaker belong to the Kalinga community. The rivals also complained to CM against Speaker over his failures.

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