Banks Holidays in June 2020

Banks Holidays in June 2020Banks Holidays in June 2020

Banks Holidays: There are not any special holidays in the month of June.

Banks Holidays: All the banks will remain closed for six days in the month of June. In June the banks will remain closed on four Sundays and two Saturdays.

June holiday list includes four Sundays, the second and fourth Saturdays. Different states will have special public holidays accordingly. Customers are advised to plan their bank-related work as per the bank holidays.

List of Bank Holidays in June 2020:

 June 7 – Sunday

 June 13 – Second Saturday

 June 14 – Sunday

 June 21 – Sunday

 June 27 – Fourth Saturday

 June 28 – Sunday

Guidance for Customers

Please note that the central government holidays are applicable to all banks, public as well as the private sector. Though the holiday dates may vary from one bank to another and there may also be additional state-wise bank holidays.

When it comes to state holidays, customers are advised to visit their respective bank branch and find out the exact dates. Please note that banks are closed on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month.

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