Here Is All About Sushant Singh And Rhea Chakraborty's Europe Trip

Here Is All About Sushant Singh And Rhea Chakrabortys Europe Trip

Here Is All About Sushant Singh And Rhea Chakraborty’s Europe Trip


Sushant Singh Rajput… This young actor’s sudden demise made us go teary-eyed and shocked as well. People thought he was suffering from ‘Depression’ and this made him take this drastic step.

Sushant Singh Rajput… This young actor's sudden demise made us go teary-eyed and shocked as well. People thought he was suffering from 'Depression' and this made him take this drastic step.

But all of a sudden, Sushant Singh's suicide case is taking twists and turns after Sushant's father KK Singh filed a complaint on Bollywood's young actress Rhea Chakraborty.

Even the Kai Po Che actor's driver, cook and a few friends' have given statements against Rhea and said that there was a drastic change in Sushant's behaviour after Rhea entered into his life. They also told that, after the Europe trip, Sushant was completely down and got stuck in the clutches of Rhea.

Sushant's former cook Ashok Kumar Khasu doled out that, "They told me that Sir had become weak after he returned from Europe," he said. Having worked with Sushant for four years, Ashok says he doesn't buy the theories that Sushant was depressed. He also told Times Now that Rhea took the entire control post the Drive actor fell ill. "Never saw her (Rhea) taking control of him until the Europe trip post which Sushant started falling sick. In the early stages, we were told its dengue but now I am coming to know that he was down with depression,". Ashok was fired from his job in September 2019 by Rhea.

He also added, "The other staff members like Keshav and Neeraj have told me that they were not allowed to give medicine so it would be Rhea or Siddharth Pithani. It is puzzling to my mind that how my sir who was fine when I left in September suddenly became ill and went into depression".

Sushant and Rhea flew to Europe in last October and spent a few days there… Although their vacation is unofficial, both made it public with their social media posts. Sushant Singh deleted all the pics of his Europe trip a couple of months back but Rhea didn't do so…

Here are a few posts of Rhea Chakraborty straight from her Instagram account…

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#Louvre 💜 Life came around a full circle , once again . The widowed nuts fell off the branches , It looked like the tree of life was shedding tears .. Each nut falling on people's heads They had gathered to watch this mighty tree break down and cry. She wouldn't stop shedding these drops of nuts , they wouldn't stop gathering by A chill ran down her bark all into her roots , And the Earth shook and people let loose She burst out laughing , dancing , singing a song The tree of life had shed her thorns She was now ready to bear more fruit than ever ; What use would they be ? - all these little people were now scared of her , forever So she uprooted herself , and walked off There she goes , hopping away into infinity She had finally found peace ,love and divinity ! #rheality #imapoetandnowyouknowit

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Even Ankit Acharya who worked with Sushant Singh a couple of years ago doled out that, "He was not the same Sushant Singh Rajput who always had a smile on his face." He also told that Sushant developed dark circles and looked frail after his Europe trip…

Well, as the case is transferred to CBI, we need to wait and watch for the latest developments of the case!!!

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