Neha Sharma's Workout From Home Inspires Many Weight Watchers

Neha Sharma

Lockout mode can be transferred into fun mode going with home-bound exercises.

Lockout mode can be transferred into fun mode going with home-bound exercises. Yes… As gyms are closed till next announcement, will you stay at home without toning your body???

Obviously a big no… You don't need any big equipment to continue your exercises at home… Just a Yoga mat will do your work!

As 'Yoga' is considered as the best form of burning calories, we all need to follow the same. Tollywood beauty Neha Sharma is doing the same…

She took to her Instagram and posted her Yoga videos to inspire her fans. Here we Hans India have collated all her workout videos for our readers… Have a look!

This post has 5 workout videos of Neha Sharma… First one is lifting weights by going up and down. This way you can tone your stomach and hands as well.

The second one is also weightlifting exercise but this one is a different one from the first one. You need to tie your legs with an elastic band and then hold a single weight with both handsand go up and down. Seems to be easy but it's difficult and burns calories along with toning your arms and stomach.

The third one is on Yoga mat… You need to lift your right leg by lying down on your mat and lift your stomach and then change the position with left leg and do the same by moving your leg as shown in the video. This way your legs get back to shape and your stomach stay fit.

The fourth one is simple… You need to go with elastic band on your legs and then go with a jump mode moving your legs inside out.

Finally, the fifth one is a fun-filled one… Just jog around your home and make your exercise mood go joyous!!!

This is another Yoga planking exercise… You need to lie on your mat stretching both hands and legs as shown in the image. This way all your body gets equal exercise and the whole body gets toned.

Stay home and stay safe my dear guys… Show off your courage and make Corona feel all alone!!!

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