Sony BBC Earth - Randeep Hooda

Sony BBC Earth - Randeep Hooda

Critically acclaimed Bollywood actor, whose Hollywood debut is receiving rave reviews Randeep Hooda will be going live on Sony BBC Earth's Instagram page on World Conservation Day, 28th July, 6.30 PM to discuss his views on sustainability and conservation along with award-winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker Amoghavarsha JS

Critically acclaimed Bollywood actor, whose Hollywood debut is receiving rave reviews Randeep Hooda will be going live on Sony BBC Earth's Instagram page on World Conservation Day, 28th July, 6.30 PM to discuss his views on sustainability and conservation along with award-winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker Amoghavarsha JS. The channel is celebrating World Conservation Day with a special line up of handpicked shows provoking a thought about the need to conserve our beautiful world, 10 AM onwards.

He shares his views on the occasion of World Conservation Day...

What inspired you to work towards conservation and environment? How did it all begin?

Well, I've been very fond of animals, trees and national parks since I was a child. I always liked watching documentaries on wildlife and photographs and then I started interacting with people who were involved in it. I tried going in the forests and was inspired by Billy Arjan Singh. Then I ran this hashtag #HeroesWithoutMakeup which was about people making a difference in the smallest way. These are real heroes because it is their inner desire to make a change.

Then I met Afroz Shah and a lot of other people, so I got more and more involved and finally, when I went to the ground level, I saw things which are fixable, which can be done and realised that pointing fingers at people is not going to solve it. You should root for it, you have to be the change. It's not somebody else's job to do it. So, I started about six or seven years ago, doing some ground level work here and there and that's how I got drawn towards it. The more I got into it, the more I learnt and realised how beautiful is it at the same time.

There are several environmental and conservation issues that need our urgent attention. Which ones, as per you are critical at the moment?

They're all critical. You cannot separate one from the other in terms of being critical or not because it's all interconnected. We have to be careful of all the issues but there are some macro issues and some micro issues. First of all, I'm glad that during this pandemic, people have become aware of how nature is healing itself when we are not interfering which has sent a strong message across. Things that we can do to save, to help the environment nurture itself are things we should focus on. The biggest problem is our use and throw culture We have become a disposable culture. To counter that, all of us can take steps to ensure that we don't indulge in it.

We can do little things, so basic and simple, that we would wonder why we didn't pay attention to it. Like putting the tap off while brushing. Can you imagine how much water would we save? Same is with RO purifier water. You should pay attention to use the extra water that comes out of RO, so, you can use it for watering plants or washing utensils. You can stop buying bottled water. Use things which last, which are durable, reusable and recyclable. Our culture is full of that, our household things, the things our grandparents had, why are they still there? Because they are durable, and they have some memories. You just do not throw them off. Walk to nearby places or get a bicycle, switch off fans and lights when they're not required. Do not put the AC on the whole day. We, all can do these little things to contribute. Don't buy plastic, but if you have to don't buy the shiny ones. Go to a wholesale shop, carry your own cloth bag. Feed the birds, you can just leave some water and grains outside. So, there's a lot we can do in our own ways to make a change.

Since people follow Bollywood stars so religiously, do you think if Bollywood comes together then it can inspire people and bring about collective change?

There is no such thing called Bollywood. There are individuals working in the film industry. It's not a body, not an organisation. It is not limited to celebrities. It doesn't help if you just tweet, retweet, share and give your video. It doesn't help change the world. Yes, it creates awareness, but things have to be actually done and done by all of us as citizens, and all human beings on this planet collectively.

It is beyond language, religion and political ideologies. So, a few people doing it is not going to help whether it is the government or the celebrities. it has to be a movement of the people and the little things that can happen. You can look out of your window and see how beautiful it is compared to how it was. So, if you want to live in this world, see fresh plants, the sunlight along with lots of birds and animals, then we have to change our lifestyle a little. Don't change your entire life to begin with, just the small things I described earlier.

Who do you look up to in the field of conservation?

Well, Afroz Shah is clearly one of them. His Versova Beach clean-up campaign was famous. It was a campaign by the UN and us. I learn from everybody I meet. I keep learning from the Forest officers, the frontline staff whenever I go there. I generally talk to people about it and I have made friends who are concerned about it. I have also contributed towards conservation photography. There is Sarosh Lodhi who guided me on how to take stunning photographs which I can share with people and show them how beautiful it is and how to preserve it. There are so many others who I look up to, but it is everybody's job.

What are your future plans for conservation and environment?

I have many plans but they're mostly personal. I am trying to reduce and be minimalistic in my consumership. Consume less and buy more durable things, have long lasting things, have more of an old-world thing. That is my conservation plan. I want to do a lot more photography, beach clean ups, scuba diving, and contribute more as a CMS Ambassador for Migratory Species. Then I want to go to all the tiger reserves, get to know what local people need and help them accordingly. I work with groups like CLAW, which is not an NGO, but a Facebook group of likeminded people. I just want to be away from hyper activism and keep spreading awareness.

On the occasion of World Conservation Day, what is your message to the audience?

You can watch me talking more on conservation with a wonderful wildlife photographer in a LIVE chat on Sony BBC Earth's Instagram page. And that's my plan, to speak in depth and understand more from my co panellists' experiences and add mine to it. I'm planning to go towards lesser consumerism and buy things that will last a long time. I just bought more weights and realised that the weights I was training with are 18 years old. I've used something for 18 years and they still look so good.

Sourced from: BBC Earth

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