Robin Williams's movies to binge on this weekend

The legendary actor and comedian, Robin Williams is one of the most loved actors in Hollywood. There was a time when the iconic performer was all that was being talked about in the entertainment industry for his fabulous work. Williams is back in headlines with his documentary Come Inside My Mind, premiering in India on Star World on his birthday 21stJuly 2019!

The legend is gone but his work will continue to be with us forever. After watching the documentary, you will definitely feel like revisiting someworks of Williams.

In that case, here's a list of five Robin Williams' movies that you should binge-on this weekend!

Good Will Hunting - The critically acclaimed drama of an exceptional boy and his psychologist, Sean played by Robin deserves to be on the top of this list. After getting nominations for Dead Poets Society and Good Morning, Vietnam - Williams bagged the Oscar for his strong character in Good Will Hunting. This movie is perfectly packed with the motivation you need in your life.

Dead Poets Society -The movie that motivated the entire world with Carpe Diem is definitely Williams one of the finest performances and he also received a fair recognition for it. Filled with each and every emotion that exists, packed in the two hours long drama is a blend of heartbreak and inspiration. Williams got his second Oscar nomination for his performance of the English teacher - John Keatings.

Insomnia - Christopher Nolan's murder mystery Insomnia set in Alaska received huge appreciation for pairing Al Pacino and Robin Williams on screen. The investigative thriller with Williams's straight acting will keep you at the edge of your seats, wondering if he's the killer or not.

Jumanji - Although not the first choice of critics, Jumanji is still one of the most loved films among the family audiences. In Jumanji, Williams plays Alan, who got sucked into a game and comes back after 26 years as an adult.

Awakenings - Williams has given multiple performances that made the audience cry. Out of them, Awakenings still remains one of the most moving performances of Robin. He captures all the emotions that a nerdy doctor will feel at that situation and he convinces you that he's not just a comedian, he's a versatile actor. Delving into deep fears of a human, it is a beautiful and profound movie that you will never get tired of!

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind will air in India on Star World on 21st July 2019

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