Love Me Or Leave Me On Netflix Immortalises True Love

Love Me Or Leave Me

Love Me Or Leave Me


They say love is immortal but unless you are witness to that you wouldn't believe in that

They say love is immortal but unless you are witness to that you wouldn't believe in that. If you are loving the rains and are up for romantic shows, then try Taiwanese TV series (drama) Love me or Leave me. The 30-part series on Netflix stars Christ Wang (Lan from Fierce Wife). Wonder how all his characters are so adorable. Now, back to the impressive star cast. The show is a powerhouse of some of the most talented actors from Taiwanese television like Tiffany Hsu, Xiao Xun, Alan Ke You Lun, Lee Kang-i and Chen De Lie.

So, what's the story of Love me or Leave me all about?

Ji Qing, the leading lady in the Taiwanese series believes in love and she's committed to Fang Hao Ming. However, thanks to the history of her parents, she chickens out whenever talk of marriages comes up. Fang Hao Ming is madly in love with her and dying to take their relationship to the next level, but she's not up for it. So he proposes a trial marriage and eventually they both agree upon a date. However, it is not Ji Qing but Fang Hao Ming who leaves her at the altar. What exactly went wrong? Why did a man so much in love with his woman turn into a runaway groom? There are so many twists and turns that I don't want to spoil by revealing it.

There are three different relationships the series parallelly runs in the show and each one has a solid plot. You would never once get bored with even one of the couples because each actor delivers and so does the screenplay writer.

Verdict: Emotions, drama, comedy and the climax will leave you in tears wanting for more. Just go watch it.

Rating: 4/5

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