Diksoochi Movie Review & Rating {2.75}

Diksoochi Movie Review & Rating {2.75}

Diksoochi Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 2.75

Movie Name: Diksoochi

Starring: Dilip Kumar Salvadi, Chathrapathi Sekhar, Chandini, Sameti Gandhi

Director: Dilip Kumar Salvadi

Producers: Narasimha Raju Raachuri, Shailaja Samudrala

Music Director: Padmanav Bharadwaj

Editor: Dilip Kumar Salvadi

A lot of interesting films from Telugu make it to the screens every week. There are always audiences for the suspense thrillers. A lot of filmmakers test their luck with this genre in limited budgets. Now, another exciting film titled Diksoochi released in the theaters yesterday.

Child artist turned actor Dileep Kumar Sarvadi made his acting as well as directorial as well as editing debut with the film. Tipped to be a devotional thriller, the film had Chandini playing the role of a heroine. Narasimha Raju Ravuri, Sailaja Samudrala, and others produced the film. The review is here.


Dileep (Dileep Kumar) works as a TV reporter who goes on coverage regarding Ahobilam. He falls for Chandini in first sight. As things move forward, Dileep gets a call from a stranger who threatens him to do a task and if no, he warns that Dileep's parents will be killed. Dileep falls in the trap and kidnaps his own sister and mother unknowingly. By the time he realizes it, he finds a connection to a past criminal case. What is the case? What did Dileep find? How did he save his family? Who is the stranger? Watch the film to find the answers to these questions.


Dileep Kumar played multiple roles for the film, as an actor, as a director, and as an editor. He played his part very well in the movie. As a story-teller, he is brilliant and at the same time, as an actor, he is good. He scored good marks in the debut. The heroine Chandini has a limited screen time but she did well too. She played an emotional role in the movie. Dhanvi's role as a child artist is phenomenal. Sammeta Gandhi is good in his role and the comedy by Bithiri Sathi is amazing. Sekhar who is shot to fame with the film Chatrapathi played an amazing role in the film.

Technical Aspects:

Coming to the technical aspects, the cinematography of Jaya Krishna is amazing. It is a special attraction of the film. The graphics work in the film is amazing. The production values are grand. The film was shown in a rich manner. The makers have kept the neat focus on the screenplay. The editing is okay. The music and background score is nice.


The film has got an interesting story with a backdrop of Lord Shiva. The film is a devotional thriller where ego plays the main element in the plot. The positive aspect of the film is that the director gets straight into the story without making any delay.

The duration of the film is also a huge plus point for the movie. The actual story begins in the second half of the movie. There are multiple twists and turns in the plot that will impress the audiences. The pre-climax and climax have come out well too. The emotional scenes were written and executed well by the film's director. On the whole, the film is good to watch.

Disclaimer: This Review is An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review. Watch Movie in Theatre
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