Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu OTT Second Week Nominations: Mithraw Sharma And Ashu's Fight Highlighted The Episode…

Mithraw Sharma and Ashu Reddy

Mithraw Sharma and Ashu Reddy


  • Monday’s most-awaited nominations task happened in a heated way and contestants dragged the fights for a long time!
  • A total of 11 contestants are in the second week’s nominations!

It is all known that the first season of the OTT of Bigg Boss reality show in Bollywood was a blockbuster… Following the same formula, even the makers of this most-watched reality show introduced it to the Telugu audience too. Host Nagarjuna locked a total of 17 contestants in the BB Non-Stop house and promised the audience 100% entertainment… Already a week is passed in the show and Tollywood's popular dancer Mumaith Khan got eliminated yesterday. Today once again the nominations war started and ended on a high note as Mithraw and Ashu's fight is highlighted in the task.

Let us check out the nomination process of the second week…

Warriors Contenders:

Natraj, Ariyana, Sarayu, Hamida, Akhil, Mahesh Vitta, Tejaswi Madivada and Ashu Reddy

Challengers Contenders:

Mithaw, RJ Chaitu, Shree Rapaka, Bindu Madhavi, Anil, Ajay, Sravanthi and Shiva

So, going with the process, Bigg Boss once again divided the nominations task into a group task. First, he asked the Warriors to nominate one person each from the Challengers team and then he asked Challengers to pick two each from the Warriors team.

First let us go with Warriors nominations:

1. Sarayu: She nominated Shiva and said him that his punches hurt her lot.

2. Ashu Reddy: She nominated Mithraw saying that she is not at all active and also doled out that, Mithraw once said she want to go out of the house.

3. Akhil Sarthak: He also nominated Shiva and bringing Monal's name in the middle hurt and disturbed him a lot! They also argued a lot and made it a heated nomination!

4. Tejaswi: She poked Anil's pic with the knife and said that she is not able to understand Anil and tagged him as a mysterious player!

5. Mahesh Vitta: He also nominated Anil said he still needs to know more about him and said he wants to witness Anil's behaviour when he is in nominations.

6. Natraj Master: He poked Shiva's pic and asked him whether he told, 'Challengers are all in Natraj master's hands' or not. He also told that, Shiva needs to play his game independently!

7. Hamida: She nominated Mithraw and said, she didn't respect her and gave an example of yesterday's incident!

8. Ariyana Glory: She nominated Shree Rapaka saying that she carried the fight which happened in the last nomination.

Now, let us check out Challengers nominations and Bigg Boss asked them to pick two each from the opposite team…

1. RJ Chaitu: He also argued a long time with Akhil saying that, he passed a statement to the audience in the task. Although Akhil took back his words and apologised, Chaitu nominated him. Next, he nominated Ariyana and said, he is not influencing anyone as Ariyana passed a statement that Chaitu is also playing Shiva's game.

2. Sravanthi: She nominated Sarayu and said she is all dramatic and cries for small issues too. Next, she poked Natraj master and said, he gave her a 'Downfall badge'.

3. Shree Rapaka: She once again carry forwarded the fight with Ariyana and nominated her. Next, she said Sarayu is losing her confidence and is acting by nominating her.

4. Anil: He also nominated Sarayu said she is dramatic and he doesn't like her. Next, he nominated Hamida and said, she always thinks about nominations in the middle of the discussions.

5. Ajay: He also nominated Sarayu and said, Sarayu is dramatic saying about her leg pain. He also nominated Mahesh Vitta saying he wants to spend more time with him!

6. Bindu Madhavi: She nominated Natraj master and said he is reacting in an exaggerated way. She also nominated Sarayu saying, she is slow in doing the work and they need to repeat more times to remind her about it.

7. Mithraw: She nominated Ashu Reddy and Hamida… But she said that Ashu Reddy used the 'Negative' word and this made to nominate. She also mentioned it clearly that, she can take dull and low words but cannot accept the 'Negative' word and argued with Ashu for a long time. Then she next nominated Hamida saying that it is a give back as she gave her a black rose in the weekend episode.

8. Shiva: He nominated Sarayu said, she needs to give a valid reason for nominating him! This also turned into a fight… He also nominated Akhil and said, he intentionally didn't speak about Monal and said sorry.

Finally, the contestants who are in nominations in the second week are:

1. Sarayu

2. Akhil

3. Hamida

4. Anil

5. Mithraw

6. Ariyana

7. Shiva

8. Natraj

9. Ashu

10. Shree Rapaka

11. Mahesh

So, we need to wait and watch how these nominations episode will heat up the house tomorrow…

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