I Am Proud Of Making A Great Film Like 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' With Superstar - Anil Sunkara

I Am Proud Of Making A Great Film Like Sarileru Neekevvaru With Superstar -  Anil Sunkara

Superstar Mahesh is all set to enthral the audience and fans alike with 'Sarileru Neekevvaru which is made as an out and out Action Entertainer. Presented by Dil Raju

Superstar Mahesh is all set to enthral the audience and fans alike with 'Sarileru Neekevvaru which is made as an out and out Action Entertainer. Presented by Dil Raju in Sri Venkateswara Creations, Directed by Young Talented Director Anil Ravipudi in GMB Entertainment and AK Entertainments banner Produced by Ramabrahmam Sunkara, 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' is slated for a grand release as a Sankranthi gift. Rashmika Mandanna is playing as a leading lady while Lady Amitabh Vijayasanthi is playing a crucial role in the film. As the film is nearing it's released date, Producer Anil Sunkara interacted with media today (Dec 31st).

Anil Sunkara said, "The entire shooting part of 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' is completed in 140 days without any delays and last-minute problems. The film has completed its dubbing and is ready for censor formalities. The film came out great, The actors and Technicians who have worked for this film are proud of it. Along with the audience, We are also eagerly waiting for the film's release. The film will showcase Mahesh Babu garu exactly the way Fans expect to watch him onscreen. Youth and Family audience will love it. This will be one of the best movies in the Mahesh Babu gari career. Vijayashanthi garu acted after 13 years and played a crucial role in this film.

She gave an award-winning performance. The scenes between Mahesh and Vijayasanthi will surprise everyone. Anil Ravipudi is known for his Entertainment. This film will have more fun than one expects. On the first day of the shoot, we thought to release the film for Sankranthi. I am very happy that we are fully ready with the film for Sankratnthi's release. Bookings have already opened in Overseas. We will open bookings very soon here too. This film is like a big festival celebration this Sankranthi. I think this will be the biggest Family, Action Entertainer from our Hero."

*Later, Anil Sunkara interacted with media for a Q & A session*

* The combination of Mahesh and Vijayasanthi has created positive vibes, right at its announcement? how do you feel and managed it in the film?-- That combination itself is a big selling factor. The audience will enjoy every scene between them with whistles and claps. If not that, their scenes will moist the eyes of everyone. Everyone will enjoy their combination scenes throughout the film and will surely become emotional during a scene.

* How can you justify the title 'Sarileru Neekevvaru'?

-- 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' is a tribute to the Indian Soldiers. The Hero is also a Soldier. 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' is not about a single person, It's about the India Army. This film salutes the Parents of our Soldiers who sent their sons to protect us. This film thanks them by saying 'Sarileru Meekevvaru'. This film will increase the respect towards the Soldiers. Everyone knew that an Army Major will come to Rayalaseema. What is the reason for his arrival and what he did ? is the unique point you have never seen before in Indian film history.

* What is the duration of Army episode in this film?

-- It is known that Mahesh is doing the role of Army major. He will remain as an Army Major from the first scene to the last. His role will be memorable.

* Tell us about The Train Episode?

-- Train episode is the best entertaining episode in the film. It will be about 30 minutes in the first half. The audience will be in splits watching that sequence.

* What is the reason to erect Kurnool Konda Reddy Buruzu set?

-- We built that set as per the demand of the story. The hero comes to Rayalaseema from the army. We thought that Kurnool will be apt for Rayalaseema backdrop and we laid the set of Konda Reddy Buruzu.

* About Devi Sri Prasad's Music?

-- Devi's Music is tailor-made for the hero. It will be more pleasing while we are watching the song onscreen than while listening to it. Whenever we watch the song we feel like that song is apt for that situation. Re-recording will be on the next level.

* In how many theatres you are releasing the film?

-- It will be Mahesh's career biggest release ever.

* About other characters?

-- Rajendraprasad garu will be with the hero throughout the film. Banda Ganesh's character is also too good.

* How do you feel as an audience after watching the film?

-- I watched the film yesterday and I am proud of it. You all have seen one dimension of Anil Ravipudi. He will be completely in a new league after this film. Without leaving Entertainment he did everything when we have a hero like Mahesh in the film.

* Megastar Chiranjeevi is attending as the guest for the event. How are the arrangements going for the pre-release event?

-- We are planning it in a grand manner. Security will be very tight as the two biggest stars are coming together for this event. Megastar is attending as our guest and Superstar is the host. This never happened before. That's why we called it 'MEGA SUPER Event'."

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