‘Inti No 13’ review: Distinctive narrative approach

‘Inti No 13’ review: Distinctive narrative approach

The narrative kicks off with a 90-year-old man sharing his past of freeing people from ghostly possessions

Cast: Naveed Babu, Shivangi Mehra, Irrfan, Nikisha, Anandraj, Tanikella Bharani, Prithviraj, Nellore Sudarshan and others.

Writing and Direction: Panna Royal

Music: Vinod

Cinematography: PS Manikarnan

Editing: Sainath Badwel

Producer: Haysan Pasha

Rating: 2.75/5

Director Panna Royal, known for unique horror films, attempts a hat-trick with "Inti No. 13." Released this Friday, the film promises a distinctive storyline and narrative. Let's see if Panna Royal can strike gold again with his latest horror thriller and deliver another hit to his credit.


The narrative kicks off with a 90-year-old man sharing his past of freeing people from ghostly possessions. He particularly focuses on the eerie tale of 'House No.13.' The plot centers around Arjun, a novelist gifted a villa after his book's success. As his brother Sanjay, wife Nitya, and maid Jejamma enter, the atmosphere turns unsettling. Nitya's psychological turmoil escalates as she encounters mysterious figures in white coats. Seeking professional help leads to even more unsettling experiences. With the entry of Gajanand (Anandraj), the plot thickens. Unveiling the mysteries behind the haunting occurrences, 'Inti No.13' keeps the audience gripped in suspense and supernatural intrigue.


Naveed and Shivangi Mehra deliver commendable performances in their lead roles, with Shivangi's portrayal standing out as a notable highlight. Anandraj, essaying the crucial role of Gajanand, contributes significantly to the film's impact. The supporting cast, featuring talents like Tanikella Bharani, Srilakshmi, Prithviraj, Sudarshan, Sivannarayana, and Ravi Varma, also excel in bringing diverse characters to life with their impressive performances. Together, the cast's collective effort enhances the overall quality and engagement of 'Inti No.13,' making it a film worth experiencing.


'Inti No.13' showcases exceptional technical finesse, with Director Panna Royal, music director Vinod Yajamanya, and cinematographer PS Manikarnan playing pivotal roles. Vinod's musical brilliance elevates every scene, infusing magic into ordinary moments. Director Panna Royal, diverging from his previous works, crafts a cinematic masterpiece, showcasing inventive storytelling. PS Manikarnan's cinematography stands out, offering a visually rich experience with meticulous detailing. Editor Sai Badwel ensures seamless flow, maintaining a brisk pace for a captivating two-hour-six-minute runtime. Writers Venkat Balagoni and Panna Royal present a compelling narrative, while Regal Film Productions delivers a visually opulent film, backed by producer Heysan Pasha's significant investment.


In the realm of supernatural thrillers, 'Inti No.13' distinguishes itself with a distinctive narrative approach, a rarity in a genre often plagued by predictability. While adhering to the familiar premise of a haunted house, Director Panna Royal deftly navigates the storytelling, ensuring a seamless and engaging cinematic experience from start to finish. The film sidesteps the typical pitfalls of horror narratives, introducing novel elements that keep the audience on the edge.

Panna Royal's direction shines as he successfully maintains an enthralling pace, eliminating any sense of lag or monotony. The occasional twists injected into the storyline add a layer of excitement and unpredictability, elevating the overall thrill factor. The second half of the film, in particular, intensifies the suspense and delivers a gripping cinematic experience, surpassing the first half's anticipation.

Special commendation is due to the film's background score, a consistent source of engagement that expertly complements the narrative. Vinod's music composition stands out, contributing to the grandiosity of the film and underscoring key moments with a sense of drama.

'Inti No.13' emerges as a refreshing choice for aficionados of horror thrillers, rekindling the genre's allure amidst the prevailing dominance of action-centric films. Clocking in at two hours, the film promises an immersive cinematic journey with unexpected twists and an evocative musical backdrop. The final scenes not only heighten the excitement but also hint at the prospect of a sequel, leaving viewers eager for the next installment. For those seeking a break from the mainstream, 'Inti No.13' offers a captivating escape into the unexplored realms of supernatural suspense, making it a compelling choice for the weekend.

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