Megastar Chiranjeevi Proudly Supports Varun Tej's Diverse Career Choices at Operation Valentine Pre-release Event

Megastar Chiranjeevi Proudly Supports Varun Tej

Megastar Chiranjeevi Proudly Supports Varun Tej


Chiranjeevi, at the "Operation Valentine's" event, lauded Varun Tej's distinct filmography and the film's homage to real heroes. He urged viewers' support, praising the director's commitment and the film's importance.

The pre-release event of Operation Valentine, starring Varun Tej, was marked by the presence of his uncle, the legendary Chiranjeevi. The film, inspired by the Indian Air Force's retaliation following the Pulwama attack, received Chiranjeevi's wholehearted endorsement.

Chiranjeevi's pride in Varun Tej's choices: Unlike other family members who entered the film industry and followed similar paths, Chiranjeevi expressed immense pride in Varun Tej's diverse filmography. He commended his nephew for venturing into various genres and carving his own unique identity in the industry.

A call to action for the audience: Chiranjeevi emphasized the importance of films like Operation Valentine that honor real heroes and their sacrifices. He urged the audience to actively support such movies, believing they play a vital role in fostering patriotism and appreciation for the nation's protectors.

Appreciation for director Shakti Pratap: Chiranjeevi lauded director Shakti Pratap for his meticulous research and dedication to portraying the events with authenticity. He commended the director's commitment to capturing the essence of the real-life incident and the sacrifices made by the brave soldiers.

Highlighting the film's significance: Chiranjeevi stressed the importance of watching Operation Valentine not only for its entertainment value but also as a tribute to the valor and dedication of the Indian Air Force personnel who safeguard the nation's security. He encouraged viewers to acknowledge the sacrifices made by these real heroes.

Acknowledging the film's swift production: Chiranjeevi expressed his admiration for the team's ability to complete the film within a remarkable timeframe of 75 days. This efficient production process further added to the positive buzz surrounding the movie.

Overall, the pre-release event not only generated significant excitement for Operation Valentine but also served as a heartwarming display of family support and appreciation for artistic individuality. Chiranjeevi's presence and his insightful remarks played a key role in amplifying the film's message and generating immense anticipation for its release.

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