Blame game or obfuscation?

Cyclone Gulab

Cyclone Gulab 


Cyclone Gulab has crossed the Indian shores and is all set to batter Karachi via the Arabian Sea.

Cyclone Gulab has crossed the Indian shores and is all set to batter Karachi via the Arabian Sea. It has lost its momentum while churning on the Indian skies and became weakened considerably before crossing the West Coast of India in its onward journey towards Pakistan's port city. This should be of concern to Pakistan. It is more of a concern to some sections in the neighbouring country who keep blaming India and its rulers for every ill and adversity that they face.

There is a possibility of some sections in Pakistan claiming that India used its advanced science and technology to divert the cyclone to Pakistan in case there is severe damage. We have seen this in case of the cancellation of the cricket tour of New Zealand. Though New Zealand expressed its security concerns and pulled out, Pakistan has blamed India for the same claiming it was an Indian conspiracy. It churns up 'technical proof' for the same.

Any blast taking place in Balochistan is a result of RAW conspiracy for the country. Floods in Punjab region of Pakistan are always a result of the Indian conspiracy which lets excess waters go without warning from upstream projects. India is used to it anyway. A similar effort is on to deflect the terror blame on the Western countries, particularly the US, by the Pakistani establishment now.

The US Senate is right in seeking an assessment of the alleged role of Pakistan before and after the fall of Afghanistan and in the Taliban's recent action in Panjshir valley. Federal Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari (of Pakistan) lashed out at the US senators in reaction to the proposed bill. Taking to Twitter, Mazari said: "Enough is enough. It is time for those powers that were present in Afghanistan to look to their own failures instead of targeting Pakistan which paid a heavy price […] for being an ally and suffering constant abuse in a war that wasn't ours". It was neither America that failed in Afghanistan nor any of its allies.

If any, the US could be blamed for blindly reposing its trust in Pakistan. Pakistan raised the Taliban and its constituents from the very beginning - even from the days of Osama Bin Laden apart from sheltering him and his likes. Citing the Taliban it minted money from the US. When the latter established its control through the elected Government in Kabul, it provoked the same Taliban to fight the US and its allies. All the while it minted money from the foolish American rulers. Then it strengthened the Haqqani faction making it join hands with the Taliban and also fight it conveniently to suit the needs of Pakistan.

The instability in Afghanistan is a direct consequence of Pakistani action. Pakistan did all this while acting not only against the Indian interests but also against India itself blackmailing the US to ignore its terror havens and the shelter given to its handlers. The US lawmakers have only sought a report on who provided assistance to the Taliban during America's longest war in Afghanistan, helped the group to recapture Kabul in August and supported their offensive on Panjshir Valley. It is an established fact that without Pakistan's airstrike in Panjshir Valley, the valley would not have surrendered to the Taliban. India is right in seeking action against not only the erring Taliban but also against its 'friends' and the world should heed to its advice.

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