China should mind its own business

China should mind its own business

Does a leopard change its spots? No, right? Well, it is innate to its nature that it does not do so.

Does a leopard change its spots? No, right? Well, it is innate to its nature that it does not do so. But, is it right to blame its nature? After all, it cannot change its spots and that is all to it. But how about those who do not change their spots despite sweet talk and pep talk sometimes.

They seem so friendly and good neighbours, that it would be hard to disbelieve them. China is one such country which is always hungry for others' lands and riches. Jawaharlal Nehru learnt it quite hard and paid dearly with his life after the 1962 war blow to his prestige. This dragon ditched him and his 'Panchsheel' for good in a jiffy and 'taught India a lesson'.

But there are many who do not agree that 1962 was not a war at all as Navy and Air Force were never used. India did not lose any land and Chinese attempts to occupy Indian soil was foiled at least thrice later by India which simply pushed back the neighbour's army. China knows this very well and yet has the gall to warn India over and again on Arunachal Pradesh.

The latest such attempt comes over Amit Shah's visit to Arunachal Pradesh. This one has come hardly days after China pleaded with us against trade ban in the wake of coronavirus. It knows that India can simply choke its supplies dealing a huge blow to the Chinese economy which is reeling under the impact of the virus. Yet, its itch ignores all those.

India is no push over. In 2020, experts always concluded that it was good in a way for India that China did what it did. The 1962 war hit the India polity like a storm. The peace loving nation finally realised that to be taken seriously in geo-politics, a country needs a strong military and China was no longer a friend.

For India this is the age of Brahmos and Prithvi etc. The 10 mountain division that we have are far superior to take on the enemies in the Himalayas. In addition, we have specialised ITBP and two more para-militaries (BSF and CRPF). China would do well to consult Pakistan on the capabilities of Indian troops.

The Kargil conflict was a lesson in warfare not only to Pakistan but also to the world. The way the ill-equipped Indian forces tackled the enemy with sheer willpower has shaken the wits out of Pakistan. The terrain is no different on the Chinese border for India.

The PLA is no match in any way without soldiers trained hard in the mountain warfare. So what is it that makes China think it still talk like a homo sapien inhabiting this planet millions of years ago? It would be better for China to concentrate on the job on hand - the coronavirus - which is gobbling its population slowly but steadily.

It will be a different story when the world starts looking at the virus and why it came into being in the first place. Will China be able to face the world then?

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