Time to show that we can do it

Time to show that we can do it

Time to show that we can do it


Fortunately, the Test Positivity Rate (TPR) in Telangana has dropped to 1.42 percent. We can now see a sense of relief and greater hope that the second wave was waning.

Fortunately, the Test Positivity Rate (TPR) in Telangana has dropped to 1.42 percent. We can now see a sense of relief and greater hope that the second wave was waning.

The second wave has caused serious damage. Several lives have been lost and the families of those who were affected with Corona had to sell their properties to meet the hospital bills. We have seen that there was nothing like humanity even during pandemic for those who are into business of selling medicines and hospital services.

The governments also blinked and failed to control the situation. Even now they are not clear how they will make the private hospitals to refund the excess billing that was charged from the patients. Already licences to hospitals against whom complaints were received have been restored. No hospital has been made to pay any fine so far.

We don't seem to have learnt any lesson. We includes the people, the administration and political executive. Government's claim that they are gearing up for third wave. They say they were creating enough beds etc. There are many issues that need to be examined.

First and foremost is do we have enough paediatricians? So far the administration does not seem to have even discussed the need for working out an action plan to tackle the situation nor did it hold talks with medical fraternity on how to meet the issue of shortage of child specialists. It has also not worked out action plan to see that there is black-marketing of drugs.

Experts say all the pandemics in the world have come in the form of waves. We are currently seeing a strong third wave in some European countries, so a third wave cannot be ruled out (in India). Director General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Dr Shekhar Mande said, "it was up to us to ensure the third wave does not come. As a society, we should resolve that we will be disciplined and regulated," Mande said.

This resolve and discipline is still missing. We still find people still not wearing masks while moving around. With relaxations to come into force from today, we may once again see that places like eateries may become epicentres of Covid superspreaders. Chai pe charcha will gain importance among people.

Already there are reports from neighbouring Maharashtra that Pune had registered spike in new cases. We need to understand that notwithstanding the statements from Prime Minister down to the Chief Ministers of states, our healthcare system is shattered and health workers are tired.

Both the government and people should not forget how the second wave has ruined the families and economy of the state. The government needs to focus on treatment protocols and upgrade the health infrastructure and administration should be in a state of hyper alert.

But we still see politicians hugging the family members who died of Covid. If they themselves refuse to follow social distancing, beating the third wave may be difficult. If need be authorities should impose heavy penalties as it was done during first wave for not wearing a mask. Flouting of Covid-19 norms, undoubtedly, had created the pitch for a more ferocious second wave.

Similarly, they should put a full stop to vaccine politics. There may be some shortcomings in the guidelines announced by the Centre but no government should allow its ego to come the in way of effective implementation of the vaccination programme. Governments should work out plans to speed up the process of vaccination in rural areas.

If at least these measures are effectively implemented, It is highly unlikely that the third wave will predominantly or exclusively affect children.

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