Being ambitious – Boon or bane?

Being ambitious – Boon or bane?

Being ambitious – Boon or bane?


The conundrum of life revolves around ambition which has N number of dimensions or is it just a layered perspective

The conundrum of life revolves around ambition which has N number of dimensions or is it just a layered perspective. So, what do we understand when we define the most powerful word which rules the roost and therein becomes our ruling rooster. Whether in the career context or in just a literal tone or when applied wholly covering the various aspirations of our complete streak of ambitions in all angles in a wholesome way, we get to arrive at the right clarity.

As coined or elucidated, to each his or her or their own way, just as this indicator implies a particular school of thought, each aspirant or individual is a fierce player in all areas one chooses to specialize. This in turn adds value quotient and therein picturises ambitions based on various aspects covering one's preferences, areas of passion or interest, vocational interests converting part-time hobbies or specialization which makes an aspirant or pupil fulfill his or her obligation in the various aspects of the career ladder of life.

Why is it so important to choose the right career portfolio? Why does a career become a primary segment and not a secondary element leaving it to dust or the ground? All aspirants are first pupils and thereby become specialists based on the areas of interest. How does the student community bear the torch upwards to be in sync with his aspirations which are many. Whether it's an academic subject, sport, or hobby, we all have strong likes and dislikes. Let's identify our strong pointers, and work towards the negative ones. This is a harbinger to open up vistas in the right direction of our dreams on the professional front.

To exemplify, if a student donning his specialization in business management wants to appear for specialization in MBA or IIM, one must be focused on the pathway or direction. Identify steps in the process, look up to his or her latent talents, areas to work on, and a support system in the way by mentors or teachers, financial angle and thereby chalk out a plan if he or she would fit in. Sometimes sans planning, it's good to take a direct approach based on your gut spirit. This works wonders sometimes leaving all wonderstruck. When stuck in doubts or chaos, reexamine or re-evaluate if you are happy with a decision, else don't go ahead. Most times your gut guides you in the right direction. It helps you navigate the path through complex but puts you in a comfortable path at the end.

So complex situations or decisions guide and gauge you to your goal points. Be very sure you jot down goals and re-evaluate them often to ensure you score the right brownie points to arrive at your dream destination in the realm of your career. Do not compromise at any point though options are aplenty. Benchmarking is a win-win and leaps against all odds. The ball is in your court to make the right career or professional choices that impact your whole life. If the choices are right, you add value but wrong choices leave you with a void. So choose wisely and not foolishly both in your career and in the game of life.

The call of the day is just as the adage goes: instant name, fame, money and the rest including the institution of marriage which has become instant unfortunately like the maggi noodles, we are leapfrogging to the next instant like instant food, in our life in specific to a career as well. When it comes to career, let's make wise choices befitting our personality, and other likes and dislikes and inspirational genres or stories where we take cues, to mould our own future. A complete assessment of various dimensions needs to be examined before you plunge or freeze your goals. Well, one can have multiple choices of interest, but prioritize based on the need or importance first and then segment each goal according to the game plan. It gets easier to focus on a handful of potential vibrant rather than a consolidated approach with many wrong choices all the way. One can solidify based on parameters or the context to apply each area of focus.

Let's make it simpler for students to redefine and reevaluate the foundational realms of goals across the professional or educational genre to bring out the best. The pinnacle of a career is just not a job or money which may or may not add value, it has to be a litmus of credibility, both hard and smart works, carrying on the legacy of one's mentors all through the way consistently, alongside with an innate reserve of good recognition which garners money naturally as one benchmark.

Let's not make our careers a gamble, hindsight comes with good exposure, interactions with the right people e it teachers, or mentors, good books which are good friends as well, evaluating merits or demerits of our own persona brings out the best in you.

Being best is not the penultimate, but constantly working upon our present potential consistently as the past becomes a retrospective with lessons in bounty all the way to learn and unlearn, will pave the way ahead for a bright future. Once you reach this innate understanding, navigating the path ahead will be easy and bright and all colorful. Whether you choose the clouds or settle for the rain which holds a beacon of hope at the end with an enigmatic rainbow of colors, is your choice. And thereby you become a professional coining your own story for the generation which looks up to you for inspiration. So, as Bruce Lee rightly stated, be like the water folks, and therein you can sail and spread and be firm and steady like the penetrating gushing waters. As still waters run deep, so shall you. Stay impactful and grounded. The world is yours to conquer.

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