For heavenly beauty

For heavenly beautyFor heavenly beauty

Camellia oil popularly called 'Wonder Beauty Oil' has been used by Japanese women for flawlessly radiant skin and lustrous shinning long hair since...

Camellia oil popularly called 'Wonder Beauty Oil' has been used by Japanese women for flawlessly radiant skin and lustrous shinning long hair since centuries. The versatile organic oil is used on face, hair, scalp and body as a natural option for toner, serum, night creams, which are common beauty rituals used before going to bed.

A native to Japan called 'Rose of Winters' is fast becoming a popular beauty ingredient due to the skin-perfecting properties and is considered an excellent all-around moisturiser for the skin as well as for hair.

The non-greasy oil allow

s it to be easily and quickly absorbed deep into the lower layers of the skin because its composition is similar to sebum; the oil our skin produces by itself, delivering an immense amount of phytonutrients and is rich in Vitamins A, D and E, plant collagen, oleic acid as well as nourishing Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. It is an extremely moisturising and conditioning ingredient which combat inflammation and the signs of ageing and is even touted as a warrior in the fight against acne, soothes irritation, increases healing bacteria.

Camellia oil is also beneficial for nourishing the hair, promoting hair growth and is also known to check to the greying of the hair. It also helps frizzy hair by softening hair texture. It also carries nutrients, collagen and elastin to the skin, protecting the skin from the drying effects of sun exposure and ageing, classic, legendary beauty of Japanese hair.

The question arises as to how we can use Camellia oil for skin and hair care. To apply it on the skin, take a little oil in the palm of your hand. Spread it on both your palms and pat it lightly on the face. Avoid rubbing. It can also be applied directly on areas with wrinkles, lines and blemishes. Indeed, it helps to minimise acne scars and also helps to soften the hard skin on the knees and elbows.

Apply it on the body, immediately after a bath, while the skin is still damp. This helps to seal in moisture. Since Camellia oil has the ability to soften skin with a hard texture, it can also be used to massage the nails and soften the cuticle, i.e. the skin surrounding the nails. It is ideal for nourishing the skin on the hands, after performing washing chores.

It gives amazing results when applied on damp hair after showering in moderate quantity as per personal preference. For difficult hair, it should be applied before washing to untangle hair and make them manageable. Oil can also be used as Deep Treatment Pack to treat damaged hair from colouring, etc. You should warm the oil and apply a few drops before washing hair.

You can do the hot-towel wrap to moisten the scalp and allow better absorption of the oil. The oil can also be mixed with other ingredients to soften rough and frizzy hair and also to add shine. Mix 200 ml distilled water with one teaspoon glycerin and three tablespoons of Camellia oil. Add 5 drops of rose or sandalwood essential oil for fragrance, if you wish. Keep in a spray bottle in the fridge. Shake before use and apply a little on wet hair.

You can apply camellia oil in combination with rice bran oil by mixing the two oils together and apply it on the skin. You can apply them separately also for the benefits of vitamin E and anti-ageing antioxidants.

Camellia oil also does an excellent job to soften rough skin in areas such as elbows, legs, knees, and heels. Apply a small amount gently on damp skin immediately after bath and allow it to be completely absorbed. You can use it twice a day in morning and night both for better results.

Camellia oil softens dry or brittle nails and rough cuticles. Add two drops of oil on a cotton pad and rub brittle nails and rough cuticles and massage gently for soft, smooth, and healthy nails and cuticles.

The oil has an SPF of 3.5 thus provides protection from harmful UV rays. Apply a light layer of camellia oil before you move out in open areas and it will keep your skin safe from radicals

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