Goodness all the way: Every part of the neem plant can and should be used

Neem, neem, neem; what is it good for? Absolutely everything! I endorse neem which is known as the Village Pharmacy. It has been used in both traditional and modern medicine. Neem in Sanskrit translates into healer and illness reliever. I strongly recommend neem in some form or the other to all my patients.

This year, the chaitra month of the Hindu calendar began on 21 March. The start of this month is celebrated as Gudi padwa, Ugadi and Cheti chand.

During this time, across the length and breadth of the country, neem juice is consumed first thing in the morning to boost the immunity for the year ahead.

However, let me caution you that neem juice must initially be used in small quantities, not exceeding 5 to 10 ml and that too, diluted in at least 30 ml of water.

If you follow my natural remedies, you will notice a positive change not only in your energy levels but also in your immunity levels. This is because neem is a powerful blood purifier as well as a natural detoxifier. Allow me to educate you- it is a detoxifier because it stimulates the production of T cells to fight infections and inflammations all while boosting the immune system at all levels.

Let me tell you about the vast range of benefits that this humble plant has to offer-

Whenever a client comes to me with various issues like elevated blood sugar levels or cholesterol, I don't ask them to pop pills. I simply recommend my favorite food combinations with neem juice.

I have realised with the consumption of bitter neem juice daily the blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels of my clients drop significantly. It also has positive effect in lowering stress anxiety as well as blood pressure levels.

Neem is a powerful antioxidant and thus aids in the treatment of cancer and it may help in reducing the size of tumors.

I had a client who suffered from repeated Urinary tract infection when I recommended drinking neem juice daily it has stopped this recurrence and I regularly prescribe it for urinary tract infection.

My earliest memories of the neem plant was when I was a child of 4 or 5 years old and my father made me chew on neem twigs. I was told at the time that it was a natural tooth paste which is essential for good oral hygiene.

One of Neem's most effective use is its excellent effect on the skin in general as well as to treat severe skin ailments namely eczema and psoriasis. I have bathed in the water of dry neem leaves soaked overnight to reduce itching caused due to boil on the skin. But what the best part about Neem is that it doesn't cause redness as other skin creams would. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial attributes can be used to treat wounds, cuts, sprains and bruises. Neem is also effective in the treatment of fever, malaria, skin diseases, diabetes, tumors, arthritis, and jaundice.

One thing I love about this plant is that it leaves us with no waste! Every part of the neem plant can and should be used. In times like these, I would strongly recommend that every house keep a neem plant. Not only is it good for your system, it is also a natural pesticide which is completely chemical-free and keeps insects away from the other plants at home.

Neem juice must initially be used in small quantities, not exceeding 5 to 10 ml and that too, diluted in at least 30 ml of water

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