How do we deal with problems in life?

How do we deal with problems in life?

How do we deal with problems in life?


Is there anyone in this world who doesn't have problems? Everybody has problems. Problems related to health, finances, relationships, employment.

Is there anyone in this world who doesn't have problems? Everybody has problems. Problems related to health, finances, relationships, employment. A problem-free life seems like an illusion — it doesn't exist. Given the fact that problems will come our way, how do we deal with problems? How can we enjoy life? How do we not get overwhelmed by our problems? How do we live life when there are so many problems?

Most people get consumed by their problems. They get stressed, worried; their health suffers. They even consider taking their own life. But suicide does not end problems or suffering or the challenges we face. Death is only a bend, not the end. The suffering we face is a result of our own Karma. If the Karma that we bring with us when we are reborn is not settled, we will have to deal with it in the next life. And consequently, suffer and face problems again.

Those who learn how to live life the way it is meant to be lived, learn to deal with problems. They realise that just because we have problems, it does not mean that we should be miserable, depressed, unhappy. They learn to put their problems in proper perspective. They realise that problems are like zooming trains. They come, they go. They don't stay forever. Therefore, they don't let problems defeat them or get the better of them. They look at their problems and troubles in the face and deal with them with courage and confidence. And usually, they win over their problems and live blissfully. Wise people never become obsessed with their problems. They anticipate problems, they welcome them, and they deal with problems with a game-playing attitude. They laugh at their problems and look at each problem in its micro-size. They don't let any problem consume them. They refuse to worry or fret about their problems. They believe in this simple truth, 'For every problem under the sun, there is a remedy or there is none. If there is one, try to find it. If there is none, never mind it!'

There are a few people who don't get affected by problems at all! Not one bit. Why? Because they have realised what life truly is. They have realised the truth. They understand that whatever unfolds in our life is because of our own actions, our Karma. It is not a matter of luck or chance. It is our own Karma, our past actions that are coming back to us, that are unfolding as problems. In fact, when challenges or some suffering comes their way, they rejoice, they celebrate because they know that their Karma is being settled.

These people, as said above, have realised the truth about life. They realise that nothing is real. Life is an illusion. Everything is like a dream. Even though we are awake, and it seems that whatever is happening in our life is real and the problems are not imaginary, they realise that nothing lasts forever. This drama of life will come to an end and so will our problems. They are enlightened with the truth. As seekers of the truth, of the Divine, they strive to remain ever-connected with God. They evolve from the state of the mind to being in the state of consciousness, a state of 'thoughtlessness'. They experience SatChitAnanda, true bliss which comes from living in the state of consciousness of the truth.

We must strive to realise the truth of life, of this world, who we are. We are not the body, mind and ego, what we appear to be — we are the Divine Soul, a Spark Of Unique Life. We must realise that everything is only a Leela of the Divine. We must live life as an audience, as spectators or observers of a big drama that is being performed on a stage called Earth. We are actors, we have roles to perform and we must do our part to the best of our abilities. We must come to the realisation that soon the show will be over and learn to enjoy the drama called 'Life'. We must live with acceptance and surrender, connected to the Supreme Immortal Power, we call God.

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