Half a decade of life has shown a lot of sorrow, and now I chose only laughter and comedy for the rest of life" these words are of Meda Masthan Reddy in his 50th year and he's now a 65 yr old gentle man of Vizag. In all his years of service in army from 1973 to 2003, Reddy has seen life in all its true colors. He had many times gone near to the brim of death. When he had the leg injury, he was told that he will live only for five more years. He laughs of and says "see now its twenty years past I am still living with this crippled leg". He takes it as memoir of pride of his service to his Nation. It's a great time listening to Reddy while he shares the anecdotes of his various experiences in the war times.

Why we are speaking of this man is because of his unique humanitarian services. Looks like a simpleton but Reddy serves food freely to the care givers in the Mental hospital and to poor kids and always takes a lead in promoting Telugu language and culture.

In 2004 after his services in Indian Army, Meda Masthan Reddy settled in Visakhapatnam. Basically a native of Nellore though, Reddy says he loves to live in Visakhapatnam. As a man of literary and cultural interest he established along with few of his friends "Creative Comedy Club" which now running successfully from last sixteen years. Every month, third Sunday, this club holds an entertainment program in the Visakhapatnam Public Library. Comic skits, songs, jokes and also literature, are included, depicting life from the comic angle. Many of the local artists and writers too participate in this program and every program has packed audience.

Reddy as the founder member and secretary of this club encourages the participation of youth and children and also gives opportunity to the orphan homes children also to take part in the program. Reddy offers dais to the poor children and women who cannot afford to conduct a program. Creative comedy club has now its own group of artists and directors both veteran and upcoming and it always has its doors open for new comers.

Masthan Reddy is a well-known writer. He penned books like "Maa Charitra Maa Siraatho", "Kalakshepam Kathalu", "Vidhi Kathalu" "Parody Songs" which are based on humor and laughter. Recently last week he released a book "Vinodavallari" a compilation of all the skits played in the programs of Comedy club.

A man of ready wit and humor, Reddy seems to be very jovial in nature, but a very serious writer and also a very discerning reader and critic. His first story "Bhakthavatsalam" written about his colleague who gave up life in order to save his friends in the Kashmir Border is really moving one. Having his foot on the land mine knowing that's his end, how his friend Bhaktavatsalam saved the rest of his friends by asking them to move away and gives up his life. After he is blown away, when all are thirsty pining for water, Reddy heard a whisper in his ear, Bhaktavatsalam's voice saying 'there's water in my bottle, please have it'. Reddy says his friend has saved them even after his death. Still today he turns emotional remembering his pal whom he says is his life savior.

His good social relations got him the chance to work for the weekly "Navya". These interviews of famous literary legends brought fame as a journalist to Reddy for the way he conducted them. Almost all the famous literary personalities found place in the prestigious feature of the famous weekly 'Navya'.

He established "Meda Bujjamma Charitable Trust" after his mother and began an innovative concept of rewarding sons who look after their parents well. When asked why awards to sons who are taking care of their own parents, he says this would be an encouragement to the youth and also revelation to many others who are neglecting their old parents. Many youngsters and also famous figures of the city have received this award. Five people are chosen for the awards every six months

He participates in all other literary organisations and offers his helping hand. He has the remarkable talent of speaking and always steals the hearts of the audience. To inculcate love for parents and elders, to encourage talents in children and women and above all Reddy says, the mission of his life is to enhance human values and help the coming generations to care for human relations, which is the need of the hour. Masthan Reddy in Visakhapatnam is a happening person and the city of destination is proud to have him here.

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