Vignettes of life

Vignettes of life

Priti Dhopte


“Poetry reveals and conceals the inner world with warmth, Poetry is a therapy to reconnect the divided hearts.”

"Poetry reveals and conceals the inner world with warmth,Poetry is a therapy to reconnect the divided hearts."

This is the 'essence in a nutshell' of Priti Dhopte's heartwarming poems compiled in latest her book 'Vivid Memories of Life'. She has artistically and lyrically encapsulated a varied emotions in her deeply captivating verses. When you read between the lines, and strive to absorb the essence you are sure to understand something more than what you read. The clever and subtle interplay of words successfully reveals and hides feelings at the same time. With her creative expression, she, then subtly balms the aching hearts and indicates the way to a serene life.

The poetic creations in this book take you on a mesmerising journey from blooming moon to igniting sun, from morning delights to silent nights, from broken desires to proposal of love and from winter emotions to summer triggers. When all that is not enough, she makes you revel in a sea of meandering thoughts with her quatrains, couplets, quintain, quotes, tea time poems, free verse, decastich and pregunta. The quatrains are a bouquet of sentiments touching varied notions such as fear, freedom, memories, thoughts, hope, silence, etc. The tea time poems serve you with an extra plate of crispy and crunchy word cookies.

The book 'Vivid Memories of Life', written by Priti Dhopte is a compilation of her poems and columns that were published in the leading dailies. When the hangover and after-taste of her runes subside, we come to the second part of this book which is an anthology of her published writings. One of these writings, effectively reminds us that learning is a continuous process, but what matters more is what, where and from whom we are learning. In another article, ego has been creatively explained as synonymous with the capital letter 'I', which is like an unshakeable corpse. Yet another article on parenting, prompts us to step in our children's shoes and understand their world. In these articles, the author has shared her experiences and her learnings. A sneak peek into the author's life, her struggles, her emotions and her determination to fight back give a ray of hope and leave us inspired and motivated at the end. Quite rightly, this book is meant for people who are on a voyage of self-discovery but do not have much direction and focus on the outcome.

As the book comes to a close, we look forward to reading more and more. The author too doesn't disappoint, as she says- "I promise not to end the craft, Until the time I exhaust to act."

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