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There is more power in a mother’s hand than a king’s hand

No wonder many dominant forces like nature and planets are prefixed with the word 'mother.' Mother the power of selfless love, nurturing and nourishing infants ensuring a healthier future.

When the mother eats nutritious food, she lays a foundation of good health and immunity for her child who carries it on to the next generation, thus 3 generations benefit- Mother, child and grandchild. This entire week; 1st till 7th August will be celebrated as World Breastfeeding Week .I am celebrating World Breastfeeding Week (1st – 7th August) by sharing its importance with you: It is strongly recommended breastfeeding for as long as possible for mental and physical growth of the infant. It boosts immunity and prevents lifestyle diseases and obesity. Exclusively, the first 6 months is what W.H.O. recommends.

Breast milk is tailor made for your infant containing perfect amounts of carbohydrates , good fats, proteins and essential immunity enhancing Vitamin A, D, K, B, C and Calcium, Zinc, Iron and Sodium. The Journal of Nutrition (2017) states breast milk essential for healthy growth and development of child.

To all mothers of new born's, feeding Colostrum, your first milk, to your baby. Colostrum is rich in anti-infective factors protecting your baby from respiratory infections and diarrhoea. Breast milk is free from pathogenic bacteria having zero contamination. This is validated by ICMR's Dietary guidelines.

Exclusively breast milk fed babies normally have no gastric disorders as it's easy to digest and assimilate. ICMR suggests this protective nature prevents the child from colitis.Plant health = fruit healthy- Mother healthy = child healthy. So, mother's food nutritionally and calorically perfect equates a healthy child. It is also important to avoid sugar and processed foods totally.

Add on a list of foods daily for a steady supply of milk production. Traditional Indian foods like Fenugreek leaves and seeds, Dil leaves and seeds, fresh and dry Fennel seeds, Sesame seeds, Coconut whole and milk, dry Figs, Ragi flour and Shatavari.

Calm down mothers. Eat fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables and leafy greens, whole grains, millets, pulses, nuts, seeds, cow's ghee and limited dairy. Watch the magic of nature in your body automatically producing good quantity and quality milk, gradually bringing mothers back to optimum weight. Complement with water, fresh air, walking, yoga, rest, eat in time and provide a comfortable atmosphere to facilitate smooth feeding.

It is not about eating for two or including sugar laden ladoos but only about eating fresh, organic foods. What better gift can a mother give than a lifetime of health for her child and generations to follow.

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