Celebrating entrepreneurial spirit of women

Celebrating entrepreneurial spirit of women

Donning many hats, from Miss Universe in 2000 to being a popular actor in Bollywood, Lara Dutta has carved a niche for herself.

Donning many hats, from Miss Universe in 2000 to being a popular actor in Bollywood, Lara Dutta has carved a niche for herself. Currently, apart from being a homemaker, she has delved into health and fitness and started her own beauty range.

She is also a part of Airbnb's #HostWithHer campaign, spotlighting inspirational women who are increasingly pursuing unconventional career paths.

About the campaign, she says, "I love the fact that women have safe avenues in order to be financially independent. On the occasion of International Women's Day, Airbnb brought the campaign to life through a panel discussion where I was happy to share my journey along with women who had different stories.

It is amazing to share experiences with them or mentoring them."

Lara, who often goes for options by Airbnb, says, "Yes, I have been using Airbnb and it has really changed the way I have travelled over the last couple of years. Last year, we did an Italian trip where we stayed at this amazing 15th century apartment that had its own chapel with frescoes on the walls and the ceiling.

You can stay fabulous hotels, but to have your own space in an heritage structure that you can never buy gives you an ecstatic feeling and a lifetime experience.."

On motherhood, she says, "It has been the most fulfilling role in my life. No matter how much you prepare, you get the taste of reality the day your child is born. Whether your child is a day old or of 21 years the relationship keeps on evolving and each parent's experience is completely different from others.

My daughter has an active social life and my job is just maintaining her diary. So, I am my daughter's official secretary. As far as Mahesh is concerned, he has been a wonderful and hands-on father."

"I am an avid yoga practitioner and find it refreshing and rejuvenating. It is the best form of exercise for any age group. Cardio is also very central to my workout regime. I attribute weight management to smart eating," shares Lara about her fitness mantra.

Talking about women empowerment, Lara says: "In today's digital age with technology at fingertips, there is a huge scope for women entrepreneurs.

I know that when Women's Day comes around, there are a lot of brand activations, but the need of the hour is to fuel women entrepreneurs and give them a relevant platform to explore their passion."

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