Feminine hygiene is a must to be fresh

Feminine hygiene is a must to be fresh

Vaginal cleanliness, like menstruation, is a taboo subject in India. Many women have resisted talking about or sharing suggestions on how to keep their feminine hygiene up to this point.

Vaginal cleanliness, like menstruation, is a taboo subject in India. Many women have resisted talking about or sharing suggestions on how to keep their feminine hygiene up to this point. However, knowing about vaginal hygiene is essential for keeping your genitals clean and your reproductive tract healthy. There are a few basic vaginal hygiene principles that every woman should be aware of, regardless of her age!

Why is vaginal health so important?

Vaginal health is incredibly essential, despite the fact that it is rarely discussed. Ignoring the issues connected with poor vaginal hygiene might lead to a slew of future concerns. Nonetheless, every woman should be aware of the signs and symptoms of vaginal problems and take precautions to preserve a healthy vaginal environment. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to keep your vagina healthy and fresh.

Keep your undergarments dry

Wearing wet undergarments can lead to bacterial growth and cause irritation. If you are wearing a tampon, make sure it is dry before inserting it into your vagina.

Avoid tight clothing around your vaginal area

Tight clothing such as jeans or leggings can restrict blood flow in the pelvic region, causing pain and discomfort during menstruation and intercourse. Loose-fitting clothes that allow for free movement of the skin will help prevent any discomforts from occurring!

After 4-6 hours, change your sanitary pads

If you are using a menstrual cup, make sure to change it every 4-6 hours. If you are not using a menstrual cup, then make sure to change your sanitary pads at least four times a day.

Avoid douching or other feminine hygiene products

Avoiding feminine hygiene products that contain chemicals and/or alcohol in them is very necessary. These products can dry out the vagina and cause irritation as well as bacterial growth! Make sure to only use water- based lubricants such as coconut oil or aloe vera gel.

Avoid using scented products on your vagina

Many women use fragrant feminine hygiene products such as douches, wipes, and sprays to help keep their vaginal area clean and smelling fresh! These products, however, can cause discomfort and bacterial growth by drying out the vagina! Ensure your products do not contain any chemicals or alcohol in them!

Always clean the vagina after intercourse

Make sure to clean the vagina after sex without fail! If you do not clean your vagina properly post-sex then it can lead to bacterial growth and irritation.

Avoid using soap on the vulva area

The use of soaps containing hazardous compounds such as glycerol, fragrances, and antiseptics might disrupt the vaginal bacteria's healthy equilibrium. It can also alter the pH in the vaginal region, causing discomfort and encouraging the growth of harmful germs. Instead, wash the area around the vagina with ordinary soap and water, ideally lukewarm water.

Do not shave your pubic hair

Some women prefer to shave their pubic hair because they believe it is disgusting and unclean. But, according to many studies pubic hair works as a protective barrier against bacterial infections in the vulva (the outer region of the female genitalia that surrounds the vaginal opening). Furthermore, genital injuries have been linked to the usage of non-electric shaving methods such as razors for removing genital hair. Also, if you want to have it done at a parlor, be aware of the products used, which may be filled with chemicals, as well as the equipment used, which can be used without being cleaned.

To maintain a healthy vagina, every woman should follow these crucial feminine care practices. Knowing these suggestions from puberty can make a significant difference in your general health and well-being. Make sure that you also use a good daily hygiene routine to help prevent other types of infections as well!

In addition, make sure that you are not using douches or feminine hygiene products with chemicals or alcohol in them. Also, avoid shaving your pubic hair at all costs! If you follow these simple tips then you should be able to save yourself from vaginal irritation and bacterial growth! This can help improve your sex life as well as prevent pregnancy in the future.

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