Fighting hard to break the taboo!

Fighting hard to break the taboo!

Bangalore-based Nithu RS, winner of Miss Trans Queen India-2019 had to live a dual life for years, it was Nithin who would step out of the house and Nithu emerged only behind locked doors

Nithu RS, who's the winner of the third edition of 'Miss Trans Queen India 2019', is also India's First Transwoman Tattoo Artist.

When she was in the 7th standard she realised that she was different from the other boys and looked up to the internet for answers.

Throughout school and college life as well, Nithu struggled with her gender identity. She had to live a dual life for years, it was Nithin who would step out of the house and Nithu emerged only behind locked doors.

It was eight years back when she came out to her family and got immense support as well. Nithu was crowned 'Miss Transgender Diamond, Bangalore 2017' and with the win, Nithin came out to the world as Nithu, for everyone.

She's also a Bangalore-based entrepreneur who owns three Tattoo Studios, a beauty salon and a hotel.


At what age you realised that you are not comfortable with what you are?

At the age of seven, I saw a difference in my body language and feelings between a man and a woman. However, since I come from an orthodox family background, it was very difficult for me to open up with anyone.

When did you decide to declare that you want to be a girl?

Throughout school and later in college as well, I struggled with gender identity.

Even though initially I thought that I was a gay, through constant analysis of own self, I understood that was not the case. I liked putting on make-up and dressing up like a girl because I felt like a girl.

I never used to feel attracted to a gay man, no matter how handsome he was. I was attracted only towards straight men.

And that's how I came to the conclusion that I am not a gay, I am a transgender and around eight years back, I decided that I wanted to become a woman.

What was your family reaction when you informed them?

I managed to act like a man for years but felt that I was fooling myself and decided to start a business and then open up.

Did you undergo any surgery? How did your life change after this?

Yes, I went through hormonal treatment and other surgeries. It changed my life completely as it was a dream come true to live a life of a woman. And it has been three years, I started my modeling assignments.

How did you enroll yourself in the beauty pageant?

I told my mother first that there is this pageant happening and she instantly said I should go for the contest. So, with the support from my parents, friends and family, I stepped into 'Miss Trans Queen India 2019'. Not only this, they voted for me and supported me.

Did you find your journey difficult?

My childhood was completly devastated and I have been through lots of ups and downs, it was a challenging task in my life, I have been through harassment, bullying, resisted etc.

I am blessed with two siblings who werethere throughout my life supporting and motivating along with my parents.

What kind of training did you undergo?

Through the grooming sessions in which I learned how to pose, personality development and how to carry myself. Mentored by Rita Gangwani, Varun Katyal, ShaineSoni, Akash Agarwal etc.

I follow a special diet prescribed by the celebrity nutrient Varun Katyal. Low fat. And full of protein.

Early morning yoga class, mental health workshops, conversation about trans bill with the founders of Naaz Foundation. Rampwalkpractice, communication skills development, 8-12 hourstraining sessions used to be thier.

To whom do you dedicate the award/title?

To the community which has been fighting really hard to gain acceptance and freedom. Also, to the most humbleorganiser Reena Rai who created such huge platform to give opportunity to trans people. I wish to bring international crown for India and Reena Rai.

What do you want to give to society with your achievement?

To set an example that trans people can also be treated normally and they can also achieve any dream they aspire to have. To change the wicked of society's perspective about the trans community.

I want to represent Indian trans community at the international platform and earn crown. I want tosensitise my country about the alternative sexualities and gender identities that exist in our world.

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