Find the perfect make-up look

Find the perfect make-up look

Find the perfect make-up look


As an entrepreneur, you can find yourself swamped with meeting deadlines, attending meetings or chasing down clients.

As an entrepreneur, you can find yourself swamped with meeting deadlines, attending meetings or chasing down clients. This can get overwhelming and before long, doing your makeup can become like a burden which you may be more than happy to set aside so as to focus on the more important stuff. The frequent meeting with various clients anytime of the day can be a bit challenging for women if they don't take care of their presence.

A messy presence can represent a lethargic and dull personality for sure to others. Thus, keeping oneself groomed is very necessary and important. With such hectic and tight schedules taking out time for self-care and grooming can be a bit difficult.

The secret hair care weapons

Women spend a lot of time and energy styling their hair, so here are the most important beauty secrets for entrepreneur women when it comes to battling tangles, frizz and limp hair. Avoid commercial products which contain lots of chemicals and even toxic components and turn towards natural hair care products. Research cosmetic companies which promote homegrown, organic products, which don't come with potential cancerous ingredients. Keep your hair hydrated by applying pure argan oil and massaging it into your scalp. You can also make hair masks with coconut, almond or olive oils.

Never go for fakes

If you want to be taken as a professional entrepreneur, you ought to avoid all things fake. Avoid tanning beds. Avoid hair straightening. Not only it will make you look like a Barbie, but your hair will also suffer. Plus, natural curls are gorgeous. Avoid fake eyelashes. They are simply not make for being worn 24/7, at the office, they don't look professional and they might damage your own natural lashes. Moreover, you might travel a lot, as a business woman and fake eyelashes are not a good travel companion. Instead, pamper your own lashes with castor oil or olive oil every night for two months and you will forget falsies.

Obsess over skincare

Skin is your largest organ and it's a strong indicator of a healthy person. When your skin suffers, your entire body suffers, so make sure you always have a glowing skin. You can take example from Pakistani women, who spend a lot of their time caring for their skin. First, clean your skin twice a day, to remove all the dead cells and the damaging factors. You can use organic, chemical-free products. Apply hydrating creams and use a mist spray, to hydrate from outside out. Get a massage on regular basis, apply lotions and creams on your skin and make sure you hydrate over the day. Avoid eating heavily processed foods and turn to fresh, local food.

Find a makeup style which fits you

Finding your best makeup style is one of the most important piece of advice from the list of beauty secrets for entrepreneur women. Experiment with multiple styles and pick the one which fits you best. For example, you can go for a classic makeup look with red lips and cat-eyes, adjusted for daily use. Another example to get inspiration from is a softer look, with peach eyelids and orange lips and a soft bronzer shade in the cheecks. Once you've found your staple makeup, stick to it, adjusting it according to your outfits and hairstyles.

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