Former Maoist becomes a mother to many

Former Maoist becomes a mother to many

Photos: G Shyam Kumar


“Serving the poor and the needy is our priority,” said former maoist Kaththula Lakshmi also known as Sugunakka.

"Serving the poor and the needy is our priority," said former maoist Kaththula Lakshmi also known as Sugunakka. Born to Aakiti Narsireddy Anasurya in Ramannagudem village at Raghunathapally of Janagaon district Sugunakka recalled how her father attracted towards the policies of communist party and took part in Communist struggle in 1980.

Sugunakka also recalled that how her father was tortured by police during communist movement. She said that her father was once arrested by the police 1986 when she was studying in 7th class. She says that police torture also affected her studies.

"As soon as my father released from jail, he fought on behalf of the weaker sections' rights and even the then police used to thrash my father and used to kick me with their shoes even knowing that I was a small child when I tried to stop them from beating him. They didn't allow me to write my seventh class the then public exam. I was then living with a hope that I need to study well get a good job and serve the people. With atrocities of police, I joined the Naxalities in small age and went to the forest to take part in their fight. They changed my to Sugunakka soon after joined them. The Annas there even tried to send me to school but with police tight security on us they failed to send. Later I was married off to region commander Kaththula Ravinder alias Bakkana, who was fighting hard on behalf of us from Palakurthy region," she said.

Sugunakka added, "Later, we had face off with police on many occasions and we were indulged in firing with police. The police had also placed rewards on our head for the informing about our whereabouts. I felt sick and was admitted to private hospital in Hyderabad where one of the informers informed the police regarding following which we were arrested and I imprisoned for three years. Soon after I was released, I didn't want to trouble my parents as well my laws due to police. I had no food or no one that can help me. I decided to end my life at Kazipet railway station. Later I courage that I should not give up my life easily and hence started working on daily wage basis. Some years later my husband came out of jail and we decided to live a dignified life. We started living in a small rented house and go for daily wage works. We also used to walk for 12 kms to attend Court hearings. My husband once bought a saree for me and a lady who liked that saree began bargaining to give that saree to her. We had to give the saree to her for Rs 200 against its price of Rs 150. Soon after that I borrowed Rs 10,000 from a lady beside my house and began saree business and continued selling sarees by going to villages for almost 15 years."

Sugunakka said that she had the childhood dream of taking care of destitute children and old age people. She along with her husband Bakkana formed Vardhan organisation in Janagaon.

"At first there were only five kids who used to stay but our journey has increased the number of students to 300. Here the students were educated upto class 12 and later send to higher studies and if not they are married off. The old age people too started coming in and we provide them all the care they need.

In case if any person passes away we perform all the ritual rights required. Some of yesteryear friends too visited the organisation and has helped us. We didn't get any sort of help from the government in establishing this organisation and it is our won hard earned money that is leading the organisation till date", the couple said.

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