Get going during periods

Get going during periods

Are you still living under the impression that you must slow down during periods?

Are you still living under the impression that you must slow down during periods? It's time to wake up and embrace the innovation! Today, the market is brimming with products that can help you manage your periods like the boss girl that you are.

Ready to have a bloody good period? Read on for some super helpful tips:

Take the herbal route

Period cramps are the worst, right? Well, not anymore! We all experience period cramps accompanied by headaches, backaches and thigh pain.

Now, you can simply opt for herbal period pain relief patches that discreetly yet effectively soothe the cramping.

You can now say goodbye to those oral medications with nasty side effects.

Here's another secret – Some exercise, yoga and walking can also help you steer clear of those cramping woes.

Don't shy away; say it out loud

Why is it that we celebrate pregnancy but treat periods in a hush-hush manner? It's about time we break out of this regressive socio-cultural mindset.

Periods should no longer be a secret between moms and daughters but can and should be discussed with brothers and dads too.

Exercise your right to choose!

Menstrual care is not just about sanitary pads anymore. You have options, so why not choose the best? The best according to you, that is.

There are many innovative products available in the market that make periods comfortable. Choose wisely and look for a product that suits your lifestyle and bleeding patterns.

For instance, with internal use products like tampons, you can run, jump and even swim while on your period. So, why slow down when you can run – run your life the way you want!

Satiate your period cravings in healthy way

It's no secret that dark chocolate can chase away those period blues.

So, always keep some handy during that time of the month. Apart from that, it is also important to take a diet that is high in fiber and good fats.

Indulge in green vegetables, fruits, soups, seeds and nuts to remain alert and active during periods.

A spicy tip - Add some authentic aromatic spices to your food to feel calm and at ease.

Give utmost importance to personal hygiene during this time

Give a lot of importance to personal hygiene all the time, girls. But, make sure you pay extra attention during your periods.

Tampons and pads must be changed every four to eight hours depending on the flow due to hygiene reasons.

Make sure you dispose your sanitary products in the bin instead of flushing them.

You're a go-getter and a little blood cannot hold you back! So, get ready, get set, and go with the floh!

Gauri Singhal (The writer is the founder and CEO of FLOH tampons)

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