Healthy hair is your piece of cake now

Healthy hair is your piece of cake now

Healthy hair is your piece of cake now


Healthy hair is every one’s dream but we often compromise with n number of excuses

Healthy hair is every one's dream but we often compromise with n number of excuses. Weather change often ends up into hair issues. Have your hair loosened its thickness this monsoon? Are you facing hair problems? Are you fed up with noticing hair here and there in your surrounding? Has hair loss become frequent these days? So here is the solution to tackle this monsoon without losing the thickness of your hair. It doesn't matter if you have straight, wavy, curly, kinky, thin, oily, dry hair or any other type of hair; certain hair care tips are universal.

• Care your hair with lukewarm water- Using too cold or too hot water can be a disservice to your hair. Washing your hair with lukewarm water is effective to wash.

• Condition them correctly – Many of us are already using conditioners, but give a moment to think are using them in the right way? Just to remind, try to avoid applying conditioner to the root end tips because if you do so you may end up weighing down your hair.

• Choosing shampoo for your hair may be another battle. For that know your hair type and go through the needs of your hair and shampoo ingredients that can fulfill the need. Keep in mind to concentrate the shampoo on the scalp and roots with gentle hands.

• Protect your hair before heat styling, never skip applying a protective product before blow-drying- curling your hair, straightening, or applying some other heat styling.

• Wide-tooth comb is also effective in reducing hair loss. Avoid comb wet hairs because they break easily.

• Giving your hair oil massage before washing is another effective way to reduce the spurt of decrease in breaking of hair.

• Keep your hair hydrated – Use a leave-in hair cream or hair moisturizer that will stand your hair throughout the day.

By some conscious love and care you can protect your hair and their thickness in monsoon as well. Get mesmerize this monsoon in love with your hair!

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