How to nail the linen look

How to nail the linen look

Linen clothing is highly sought after in summers as it absorbs moisture leaving you cool and comfortable.

Linen clothing is highly sought after in summers as it absorbs moisture leaving you cool and comfortable.

Have you always admired Linen clothing but were unsure of how to style it for your day to day affairs? Here are four ways you can nail the Linen look this season.

All work and some fun

Summer making you sweat buckets, yet you need to look crisp for that client meeting - linen to the rescue! Linen pantsuit in any colour looks clean and classy for work.

One must have a set in their work wardrobe. Team up with your favourite heels and a pretty blouse and you are all set.

If your work calls for a little more movement and the dress code is relaxed, switch heels with trainers or mules and the blouse with a nice tee.

Linen pants are another great option for work giving out uber chic vibes at the office.

Team up with your favourite blouse. You can try pants that are gathered at the hem are very trendy and lend a relaxed vibe.

Soak up the sun

Headed to the beach? Grab a strappy number - a short dress or jumpsuit.

Linen is perfect for beach since it is super absorbent and airy! Wear with beach jute slippers for sandy beaches and espadrilles for the long walks at the local flea markets.

Bamboo and jute accessories go very well with linen as they give out a 'natural' vibe.

It goes without saying that the best bag option will be the bamboo bags that are so popular currently. To complete the look, add a wide brimmed straw hat!

Ethnic appeal

It is one of those days when you are in the mood for something Indian but at the same time don't want to go overboard - choose a linen saree.

For Linen sarees, blouse with ruffles look extremely good. If you are not a 'no frills' person gets a blouse with Chinese collar or boat neck.

To give a indie-chic look wear moccasins or brogues. Juttis and mules are other good options. Beaded and antique jewellery look best with linen sarees.

The artsy girl

For those who are free spirited and really love the laid-back artsy look, this might be just the fabric you should embrace this season.

Oversised dresses and tunics look best in Linen due to the way the garment falls.

To nail this look, avoid ironing your outfit unless it too crumpled. Take out the chunkiest accessories you have in the wardrobe - long, layered necklaces, turtle jewellery, layered finger rings and so on.

A canvas satchel or sling with a pair of kolhapuris will be perfect! You can also add a pair of nerdy glasses to finish off the look.

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