Hyderabadi women creating wonders in kids photography

Hyderabadi women creating wonders in kids photography

Hyderabadi women creating wonders in kids photography


Madhu Venigella, who was awarded as ‘the New Generation Female Photographer’ by Melbourne female photography associationsays that a picture is worth 1000 memories and a baby picture is worth for lifetime

Madhu Venigella, who was awarded as 'the New Generation Female Photographer' by Melbourne female photography association says that a picture is worth 1000 memories and a baby picture is worth for lifetime. She was awarded for the special approach in kids' photography.

Whether it is chocolate-filled faces with smiles or swaddling a newborn baby in a teddy bear costume or concept-driven photography to elevate the natural colour, this Hyderabad based female photographer is changing the dynamics of baby photography by documenting their beauty in a picture.

3 years ago, Madhu Venigella started learning the basics of photography from her husband, a renowned photographer based in Hyderabad. Born to a Painter, Madhu indulged in creativity from an early age. Madhu used to play with colours and combinations for painting and after marriage, her husband taught her the basics of photography. Being a creative person, she adapted to the changes and now she is a renowned photographer under the unique category of 'Baby Photography'.

Madhu shares, "Picture speaks a million words. Every moment of child's life is most treasured memory for a parent. Whether they are walking, speaking, sleeping, bathing, and playing with water. Every moment captured is kept for a lifetime."

Madhu chooses peculiar concepts for baby photography. Some of the photography concepts include layering velvet blankets, Barbie girl theme, superhero theme where the baby is dressed as Superman, Iron Man or Wonder women, Profession based themes where Madhu decorates the baby as a Pilot or Doctor, fruit-based themes where the baby is decorated as a Strawberry or Pineapple.

While photographing, babies need a lot of patience, care and time. Madhu has excelled in the art of waiting for the right moment and has completed 150+ photo shoots of babies from age of 10 Days old to 10 years old. Madhu has experience working with celebrities in Hyderabad. She is working on baby photographs of your precious newborn babies on the brand name of "CutiePie Stories".

What is your feeling of winning the Melbourne award?

I didn't expect that I will be winning the award as I sent only few pictures for the competition but when I heard my name as the award winner, happy tears rolled out of my eyes. It was one of the most memorable moments for me in my life.

When was yourjourney as a photographer started?

My journey started with my husband who is a photographer by profession. He taught me the basics in photography.As my father is also a painter, I was into arts from my childhood. I thought my photography should be different from others and there I choose baby photography. Till date, I had done more than 150 photo shoots for kids.

What made you to choose baby photography?

I love kids a lot, they look like flowers. So, I want to capture the beauty in them. Some photographs also inspired me in choosing thisfor example "Just Kid Studio" from Japan, I saw few pictures which inspired me a lot in starting baby photography.

Among all your shoots, which was the most memorable for you?

Among all of my shoots means, it's definitely a kid shoot with rabbits. It is the most memorable shoot for me because handling kids and rabbits is an added task. Even I love those pictures a lot.

How are you managing both photography and family?

My husband Chandan and kid Bhavin support are unforgettable. They made managing photography and family very easy. As my husband is also a photographer, he will be there to support me in both the aspects. So, it is not a tough job for me. Even my dad also supports me a lot as he is also into arts.

Do you want to step into any other types of photography in future?

Right now, I am taking baby and maternity photography. I don't want to involve in any other photography other than this. I want to create more and more in baby photography and become a top kid's photographer in India. I am sure, I will reach my goal within two years and I am working hard to reach it.

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