Long way to go…Women-folks

Long way to go…Women-folks

Damsels compared with flowers, stars and precious stones by the poets and by the other gender admiring for a moment.

Damsels compared with flowers, stars and precious stones by the poets and by the other gender admiring for a moment. Though for time being admiration gives contentment, but never fall in to the trap. Today women are educated, independent, have become visionary, challenging and moving towards life threatening job profiles.

In the contemporary ecosystem, woman constitute a crucial role and contribute in various spheres socio- economic, political and cultural activities. The Indian constitution providing equal status and opportunities, the fundamental rights guarantee the gender and at the same time the fundamental duties directing the individuals to protect dignity of women. The constitution has provided very large scope and sphere for emancipation of woman.

Of course woman working in challenging roles are burdened with family responsibilities, limitations due to social stigma, and sometimes certain societal constraints drop her down emotionally. Apart from various jobs, the most challenging one is the political participation of women.

It's a known fact since ages that women remain at the periphery of the power structure. The participation of women is not just casting their vote, though having political consciousness to formulate and implement policies the position of women should be strengthened in the society for equal participation.

Introversion due to lack of communication skills, poor financial background, indirect patriarchal system should not be drawbacks anymore. Now women are aware of various means to improve skills due to technology.

There are many evidences that women have played a crucial role in the Political sphere, they used to guide the Kings and in some kingdoms, they themselves are the queens. Women used to read, write and were in a position to guide the kings in the preparation for war and crucial battles.

Nur Jahan, was the most powerful and influential person of the golden period of Mughal Kingdom. There are lot of inspiring elements which will lead us with motivation from the lives of Jhansi laxmi bai, Vijay laxmi pandit, Rani Rudrama devi, Sucheta Kripani, Sarla Thakral, Asima Chatterjee, Anna Chandy, Indira Gandhi, Sister Nivedita, Chandra mukhi Basu, Kiran Bedi and soon.

The recent web series of 'The Queen', on the life of late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha will a eye opener for women who become emotionally low and think that life is a failure. In her whole life, she has just received success in the field chosen not by her, even though she has never shown her emotion on her face or reacted immediately.

This is the great quality that every woman should inculcate, never let others know your suffering but just show them that you are the best. One more inspiring fact from her life is that, she has not loosened her heart or broke down after the incident in the rally of MGR.

According to the date provided on the unwomen.org since 1997 to 2020 only 24.9 per cent of women parliamentarians worldwide. In 1992 the 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments introduced local self- governance which is an unparalleled step to consciously empower women as decision makers with 1/3rd of the seats reserved for her.

According to the Government of India Statistics, 14 states have 50-58 per cent representation of women in Panchayat raj institutions. A state like Jharkhand which is having female literacy rate of 55.42 Per cent leads in the maximum percentage of women representatives in Panchayat Raj Institutions.

During 2013 to 2017 the percentage of women representatives for the State Assemblies is high in Bihar, Haryana and Rajasthan. The data gives a clear understanding that the political participation of women is high from the states which have a history of more social stigmas.

It is surprising that only five women chefs around the world hold three Michelin Stars (awarded to the excellent quality of food served). Only one women director to win the Academy awards and one at Cannes film festival since its inception.

The Telangana State has 1528 women councilors, 248 corporators and -sarpanches contributing in the development process of the state. The recent statement of KT Rama Rao to remove inactive sarpanches which will be incorporated in the new Panchayat Raj Act amendment will improve the women to participate and deliver a speech in their jurisdiction.

So, the women folks have a long way to go and need to aspire for achieving more. Its not the time to deliver speeches, it's the time for action and results should speak. Most of the women public representatives are handling social media accounts and posting their work.

It is need of the hour to participate on the social media platform and encourage fellow representatives to use the new media technology so that the information connectivity is not a barrier.

The social media helps in communicating through text, which can be a starter for the stage fright representatives, they can also post a selfie video to communicate.

Of course technology has given various options, but mandatory is that women representatives at local and urban bodies should start communicating and should have effective role in the development process.

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