Never let go the woman in you!

Never let go the woman in you!
Never let go the woman in you!

One of the worst things a woman can do is think or act like a man to reach the top. Understand thatyou don't have to represent a man. Meeting your...

One of the worst things a woman can do is think or act like a man to reach the top. Understand thatyou don't have to represent a man. Meeting your sensibilities and perspectives can work very well to change the way others respond to various business problems. A woman when she becomes an active member of senior management or the team also has the opportunity to change the dynamics to improve the organisation.

Here are some tips for all those emerging women leaders:

It's time to lead

To be effective, team leaders must invest time in the role. Too often, this responsibility simply adds to someone's long list of tasks, which prepares the new leader for failure. As a team leader, you must be visible to the team and be available to support them. If you are predominantly tied with your own critical practical tasks, you will not be. Therefore, be sure to review and renegotiate your workload before assuming a leading role in the first place.

Go for like-minded wonder women

Choose a good combination of women from outside your organisation and be sure to participate in that forum to generate ideas and solve business problems. A peer network or forum is extremely useful when used to discuss real problems and help other group members find creative solutions. T

his does not mean joining or creating a group of women who hate women. Although hating men may seem satisfying for a moment, it is simply useless and adds no value when it comes to contributing to your leadership skills.

Be ready for any challenge

You have all the rights of the world in that boardroom meeting, because your views and opinions are different and important, especially when you are the only woman in the group. Express yourself and always challenge the current state of things at work. Attempting to comply with the standards of a senior management team will only maintain previous performance levels. Simply put, you can definitely make a difference by perceiving problems with a fresh eye.

Make a vision

One of the biggest laws of change states that change needs a vision. Many efforts to change often tend to fail, because leaders do not connect them with a vision, which should help to perceive the future value of the efforts made today. Leaders who master this skill tend to have a commitment dedicated to their vision.

In addition, receiving regular comments helps them navigate through various problems that may arise along the way. Poor leaders, on the other hand, fear receiving comments. For women in leadership who make their vision an absolute priority, it follows that they are ready to receive feedback, either negative or positive.

Don't let your inner voice die

Every time you smell a possible improvement in the business, it's time to act. Be it a new change in an existing operation, a new initiative, new ways to attract talent or a new idea for the product, it will require accumulating a certain amount of courage, since you will have to challenge the perceptions of your colleagues and gain the trust of the key stakeholders In addition, you will find a "no" than a "yes", so it is better to have the courage to follow your intuition and your heart.

If you become the team or senior management position, always remember the power of gratitude and modesty. Refrain from belittling anyone unless offered with a helping hand. Great leaders have a responsibility to help others improve. Strive to be a popular leader.

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