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Diksha Chhabra

Diksha Chhabra


Diksha Chhabra's story isn' t just another tale of an incredible weight loss. It's a journey of hard work, patience and a lot of determination

Diksha Chhabra, wife of an army man, mother of a ten-year-old son, second-runner up of Mrs Earth 2017, Mrs Body Fit 2017, social media influencer and fitness guru who has trained over 300 men and women across the globe, is an inspiration to many.

Her deterring health, PCOD, hypothyroidism led to massive weight gain , lethargy and weakness. In such a situation, Diksha thought, "It was high time I change my priorities towards my health, hence I became health conscious and started working towards fixing my lifestyle by following a scheduled plan like eating healthy diet and regular exercises. I looked at my past self as an inspiration. I was always an active child during my college and school days. I was lucky to have a very supportive family. They always encouraged me to chase my dreams."

She is an MBA graduate and also holds certification in Nutrition and Physical Education. She was plump but an active child participating in sports, dramatics and dance.

She was close to 100 kg and managed to lose 35 kg in a year. She started with walking and running and home workouts whatever she knew as a beginner. Gradually she got into strength training and joined gym.

She followed a balanced diet which helped her in overcoming her vitamin deficiency also helped me in losing weight. She says it is not the amount of time you spend at gym, 'a quality workout one hour a day' would make you achieve your goal.

There were many Instances where she faced body shaming. In family functions, school reunions and other social gathering. People think it's funny to make fun of someone who is struggling with weight issues, but it definitely hampers that person's self confidence.

She says, "As I lost my weight, I wanted to do something for people suffering from weight issues, hence I decided to take my passion as profession. I got my certificates done in Nutrition and Training and rest is history. In a span of 2.5 years we registered brand Diksha Chhabra Fitness Consultations in the field of fitness and helped more than 600 individuals worldwide."

It was a taboo when she started and was also demotivated by many in the beginning but she continued as she saw remarkable results in her body and followed her heart to continue what she started. But now, many girls are taking fitness training as a profession.

It acted as a great platform for her self-development. She needed a push to boost her confidence which she lost during the years of body shaming and depression to go out and face the world eye to eye. Mrs India pageant indeed helped her in becoming what she is today, she said. Eat clean and well nourished food with all the macro and micro nutrients focus on attaining good health; weight loss is just a small part of the bigger picture, she added.

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