Run to stay fit

Run to stay fit

Hyderabad- based IT professional takes up a challenge to prove that work and staying fit is a cake walk

Sunita Pola, the 35-year- old IT professional has indeed set an example by running for staying fit.

Being a working woman as she started gaining weight because of her irregular work schedule, she decided to do something that could make her fit and healthy. Running in the 'Airtel Hyderabad Marathon' last year and coming up with participating in yet another run she shares her story.

Sunita Pola realised that she should maintain her weight when she got back pain. She says, "I have been working for Infosys for the last three years, I got a maternity break for about six years and then I got back to my work.

When you get a break and join back it is very hectic in the IT field. I used to work in different shifts and that is when I have gained about eight kg. For two years I had a back problem and that's when I realised that I should give some importance to fitness."

Initially, her goal was to lose weight. "I have started running for weight loss, which I have gained through my hectic work schedule. I have got bored of gym which I tried for a year and then I started running.

At first running at an event was at 'Whitathon' last year. I have started with 5k and there I met my colleague through him I joined the 'Hyderabad Runners' group and there we get trained every week. What I have started for weight loss has become my passion," says Sunita.

How to manage to spare time to the fitness with personal and professional work? "My husband is very supportive, and he trains for his fitness at the office gym. Most of the days and the weekends I go along with my HR group to run. I also have my parents who support me in this,' she adds.

"What happens is that when you start gaining weight you get depressed, so I had my back pain then. When you are not active all these things start disturbing you. You need to spend some time for the physical activity during the day so that it will help you as a stress buster from the hectic work and I realised it soon," she shares.

About the challenges, she avers, "Due to weight loss there was swelling in my knees, at that time I listen to my body and see that I do not over do things."

Periods or menopause it is nothing like a challenge for a woman. It is all about your mind and will power towards things.I was able to inspire a few of my colleagues to adapt running.

Her marathon journey started with 10km run. She says, "I have participated in 10km runs for about two to three times and my debut into half marathon was last year August.

Then I participated in the SBI Green Marathon and then Sujana Forum Mall half Marathon. I have also participated in the Hyderabad Ultra Marathon 25km and then in January Tata Mumbai Marathon 21km and then in February I have my debut full marathon.

It is very important one for me which is coming the next month which is the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon that is for 42 Km. I trained with Hyderabad Runners LB Nagar group. This will be a little bit challenging one with the flyovers, high roads, etc..."

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