Shine bright like a diamond!

Shine bright like a diamond!
Shine bright like a diamond!

Let your diamond dazzle with all its glory the next time you post a selfie

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Buying your very first diamond ring is a priceless moment that you are probably going to cherish for a lifetime. No experience is complete without a selfie to go with it. Capturing the moment will also remind you about your sparkling personality, its confidence, strength, uniqueness, purity and independence.

Following our guide and discover how to snap that picture with a focus on the brilliantly crafted ring.

Perfect lighting is a must

Pictures taken outdoors in natural light always have a better result, however if you chose indoors, in which case try to set up your shot near a window that lets in natural light.

Every angle is unique with the right technique

Try and capture all the details of the diamond, to show the ring's setting opt for a side shot, alternatively take a shot taken from above that will capture the diamond's shape. If you want to take a close-up picture, move your camera lens towards the ring to focus it better instead of using the zoom option.

The picture-perfect background

The ring is the centre piece of your ring selfie, but make sure you choose a background or prop that is as beautiful as your ring which will further enhance your selfie. A natural background works best as it will enhance the different facets of the diamond.

Nail it to slay it!

As your hands and nails are going to be one of the focus features in the image one needs to ensure they are neat and clean to show off that bling on your ring. Add on a palette of pastels or rich maroons and take your photo holding a prop. While striking that right ring pose, try to keep the hand relaxed and calm so that skin looks smooth.

#CelebratingForever or #BetterHalfWithinMe

The caption for your ring selfie should convey the right message and feeling of your achievement. Also, consider the hash tags that you could include on the caption, such as #CelebratingForever, #BetterHalfWithinMe, #DiamondRing or #InLove.

Let the world know

It's time to share your perfect ring selfie with your friends and family; be it on your social media accounts or personal groups, be ready to welcome compliments and blessings.

So, let your ring have the spotlight it deserves!

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