Symbol of strength

Symbol of strength

Cancer survivor Sonali Bendre shares the story of her battle with the dreaded disease

Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre, known for her flawless beauty and tremendous talent, was in Hyderabad, to share her struggle fighting the disease and her journey on the recovery front.

The diva who was diagnosed with cancer last year fought the dreaded disease with a bold and positive attitude. And has since become an inspiration for many people. She titled her battle as #Sunshine.

Holding a stress ball in her hand and putting on her beautiful smile she narrated her story that did get everyone emotional.

On asking her what made her share the story she said, "I wanted to tell my story because I did not want gossip around me, I did not want my son to know it from elsewhere. There is nothing so special about me with regards to what happened to me. I happen to hear everyone's concern regarding my story and that why narrated it."

About creating the hashtags with regards to what happened to her the star shares, "Well, now when I look at it, frankly I walked into cancer completely oblivious to something that really happens in the world and to a lot of people in the world and frankly touch wood my life has been so healthy.

I eat healthily and it is not something that I expected. So, it was such a shock that it blindsided me completely. Now when I look back, I understand that these are affirmations.

But, at that point of time I never really used those and didn't know what happens. It was like one day at a time and so it did. I love monochromes, greys, and whites it was all grey around me and then I said you know what it's now time to switch on the sunshine because I want brightness and life around.

And then I said switch on the sunshine. And started #Sunshine, which was like a mantra to me. I am glad I did it!"

About sharing her condition with her son Sonali said, "It was an instinct to have him with me, at that point of time I know that my parents and my in-laws were more than enough support and love him.

There was no doubt about that, but I needed to see his reaction and body language because children internalise things and it's great that they understand it and then move on from it.

But if there is anything that he is not and holding on to the podium, we wanted him to be satisfied and I felt these are the things as a family we must deal. I did not know the outcome and I wanted him to be with me and there were certain lessons that I wanted him to learn (cries)."

Before venturing into acting Sonali was a model and she was a part of a hair oil advertisement as she had lustrous locks. However, when cancer struck Sonali shaved her head while undergoing chemotherapy. About beauty the diva says, "It's hard and I think it is for everybody.

We are brought up in a certain way and my mother used to scold me if I stood in front of the mirror for a long time. But the fact is that how much ever we say that inner beauty is important, which is for sure important, however, the fact is that it takes a while to accept that because what you see is the outer beauty first and then the inner.

And flaunting my outer beauty was my bread and butter. The point here is that yes, it is scary, but when you are scared, just step out and do that then you will overcome it.

I want to share is that we all talk about inner beauty, but we underestimate the power of make-up a bit of lipstick and kajal goes a great way in giving self-confidence."

Sonali informed that her sisters were instrumental in her recovery. "Both my sisters have been a part of this journey and my sisters-in-law were like a rock. They have held the fort right here and travelled up and down.

My biggest pillar of strength was my husband. There are certain things that women understand, how much ever sympathetic and empathy they might have, there are certain things that can be shared with women."

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