Talented Prakriti Shines in her debut Kuchipudi Performance

Talented Prakriti Shines in her debut Kuchipudi Performance

Hyderabad girl Prakriti marked her a graceful entry into the classical dance world with an inspiring performance

Hyderabad girl Prakriti marked her a graceful entry into the classical dance world with an inspiring performance

Prakriti Prashant isn't your normal girl-next-door. She's a passionate Kuchipudi dancer with a strong artistic mind, graduating architect student and... she's still a student of things she loves.

The talented young girl made a graceful entry into the dance world and performed with confidence at Shilpa Kala Vedika in front of a packed audience.

Prakriti's started her performance with Taal: Adi; the traditional dance recital with a prayer to the Gods, with propitiation to Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed God to remove all obstacles and for the

success of the show.

She followed the opening sequence Taal with a graceful rendition of Dasavataram in raga: Mohana and Taal, Misrachapu - a unique choreography in which 'bhava' and beat are woven together to narrate a story in each 'Avatara'.

What followed was Prakriti's beautifully choreographed rendering of Meera Bhajan) 'jo tum todo piya'), Tarana) Raga: Nata Bhairavi, Taal: Ekta), a composition of Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar, Chhap Tilak (Chhaap Tilak Sab Chheeni' is a poem composed by Amir Khusro) , and Tarangam the climax of a traditional Kuchipudi recital followed by an item with a display intricate footwork patterns by dancing on the rim of a brass plate, and coordination with complicated rhythmic patterns got Prakriti a standing ovation from dance enthusiasts.

Young Prakriti Prashant who performed the Kuchipudi dance sequences with precise moments, draped in a classily adorned regalia after her performance said "It is the most important day in my life.

After all the years of training, it all comes down to this one special occasion, a celebration of the art. It is only after this, can a dancer, with the blessings of their gurus can perform independently."

Her performance was accompanied by eminent classical performers Nattuvangam: Kaushalya Reddy, Compere: Sadhana Shrivastava, Mrudangam: Manoharan Balatchandirane, Violin: V S K Anna Dorai Flute: Rajesh Prasanna, Tabala: Aman Patre, Carnatic Vocal: Deevi Ravikanth and Hindustani Vocal: Ila Sharma.

Prakriti started dancing when she was 8 years old and joined the dance school Natya Tarangini (Hyderabad) at 12, under Gurus Drs Raja Radha Reddy, Kaushalya Reddy and her guru (their daughter) Yamini Reddy.

After having finished her 12th grade she decided to pursue Architecture as her career alongside her artistic incline.

Prakriti says, she wants to continue performing/practicing Kuchipudi, after her rangapravesham; this is just the foundation to many years of dancing to come.

On what dance and her gurus mean to her, she says, each one of her Gurus has taught me something unique, not only in dance but in life.

In her school, she excelled in several competitions and was also head school girl.

Her proud parents — Prateeksha Prashant and Prashant Kishandas— say dance has inspired her many ways, she is disciplined, and has a sharp focus in whatever she does.

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