The wedding food guide

The wedding food guide

The wedding food guide


It’s the season of baubles and bubbly, of sparkle and sanctity, of dance and delicacy, of weaves and weddings!

It's the season of baubles and bubbly, of sparkle and sanctity, of dance and delicacy, of weaves and weddings! I am sure you'll are excited for the festivities that come along with weddings but with all the delicious food around are you scared you will compromise on your Health? Worry not! I will give you the perfect guide so that you stay fit and still devour all the mouth-watering food.


In the midst of hair, make-up and dressing –up one often forgets to drink water, resulting in you being parched at the end of the day. Like me, if you too will be dancing all night, you may end up dehydrated and mistake it for hunger. It is best to keep sipping on water through the day and having unsweetened lemonade whenever you can, to make up for the loss of electrolytes.

Vegetables first

Nowadays, most wedding buffets include an assortment of salads and stir-fries. It is best to start your meal with a good portion of these vegetables. If a vegetable soup is available, that too can be included. These vegetables will keep you satiated without adding on calories. The boost of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants will keep your skin glowing.

Skip the starters

Let me tell you, one of the biggest mistakes most people make is that they go overboard on the starters. Ditch the fried, calorie dense starters and opt for the mains directly. If you must have starters, try to go for the barbequed vegetables or roasted nuts.

The main game

Nowadays, weddings have elaborate menus containing multiple cuisines. Many people get excited and try to savour every cuisine. This usually results in an excess of grain consumption. I would suggest you stick to one grain i.e. either a roti, rice or dosa. Accompany it with a side of vegetables, a protein like dal or tandoori grilled chicken and a pickle to make a complete meal.


No, I am not asking you to give up on this completely but do bear in mind that processed sugar can result in weight gain and acne flare up. My first choice would be fresh seasonal fruits that are usually available. With strawberry season about to start, one really doesn't have an excuse to skip out on the fruit. In case, they are not available, opt for a tiny portion of a payasum, phirni , avoiding fried, creamy desserts. But do keep in mind, moderation is key.

Burn the dance floor

What is more fun than grooving to music with your friends and family? Dance the night away without any inhibitions. Dance is one of my favourite forms of exercise that does not feel like exercise at all.

Stick to these guideline and you will be able to enjoy with your family and friends guilt free.

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