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I always think that this society has given me family and I am giving it to my family- Niharika Reddy

I always think that this society has given me family and I am giving it to my family- Niharika Reddy


I always think that this society has given me family and I am giving it to my family- Niharika Reddy

I always think that this society has given me family and I am giving it to my family- Niharika Reddy

Niharika Reddy, a leading fashion designer in Hyderabad is now creating a path to many youngsters in social service. She is preparing lunch and dinner for Covid-19 effected people and serving them. "Many of my friends from different areas, who had seen my posts, started their service to Covid-19 victims.

Calls and messages from them saying we have also started the same inspiring from you is giving the utmost happiness. Now, I have a confidence that if in case I stopped the service, they will continue." She shared her happiness with 'The Hans India'. So let's have a look into it.

How is the support of your family members?

This is impossible without their support. I should specially appreciate my kids because as soon as they wake up they will join us in work. They cut the vegetables, they will pack the items, and they will attend phone calls too. It has been their daily routine. Sometimes, I will get surprised seeing their way of talking in phone calls. They even donated 50,000 for groceries from their pocket money at the time of first wave.

What made you to start the journey in social service?

My past, which always reminds me that I am a human first and the rest, comes next. At the time of Covid-19 first wave, I also used to be selfish that my family should be safe, I should be safe. But seeing some news channels, I saw many people going to buy groceries and got affected. Then I got the thought of giving groceries to the poor people. My intention was atleast some people will stay at home and the Covid rate will be reduced. As a part of that, we had supplied groceries for one month to nearly 5000 families.

How did you get the idea of cooking and serving food to Covid-19 effected people?

As the second wave of Covid-19 started, massive death rate was reported. Many people died because of not getting proper nutritious food. So, then I spoke to the doctors and dieticians regarding food with high nutrition. From May 1st, we started and daily we are providing healthy lunch and dinner to 180-200 members per day who are in need and can't cook as everyone is affected in the house and who are economically backward. Menu will be different with 15 varieties for each single day. We mainly focus on the food which increases immunity in human body. Nearly 50 members recovered from Covid-19 and tested negative without going to hospitals.

Who is your inspiration in doing service?

I lost my mother when I am 3 months old. There was no connection between me and my father from my childhood. My uncle and aunt brought me up and from my Intermediate; I started earning for my needs. My friends and their families treated as their own child. So, I had a family wherever I go. There is no relation between us but their care and affection taught me many things. I always think that this society has given me family and I am giving to my family.

What are the precautions taken as you will have a direct contact with the Covid-19 victims?

My brother and driver are taking care of distribution of food. There will be no direct contact with the patient. They keep the food near the gate and call them. They will come and take the food. But, still they take all precautions like double face mask, face shield, gloves and etc.

What is the biggest deal faced till now?

The biggest task is distributing food in time. Sometimes, it may get 5 to 10 minutes late but we can't make them starve for food. Waking up early in the morning and cooking food for 200 members is not a small task. We are not involving anyone in this work as it is risky. Only our family members are preparing everything. So, it was a bit difficult but the feedback is boosting our energy for the next day.

As there will be fake calls also, how are you finding out the genuine persons?

25% of the calls we receive in a day will be fake calls. We ask for the test report and Aadhar card. If anyone hesitates to send the report, we clearly say them that the food is for only Covid victims. There will calls from other countries also requesting to feed their relatives in various districts. We are doing upto what extent we can do.

How are you managing it financially?

For preparing food and its distribution, we are not taking any funds from people. We are managing it with our own money but we are also giving groceries for some economically backward people who are recovered from Covid-19. For that we are seeking for donations.

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