Zing your life with zinc

Zing your life with zinc

Zing your life with zinc


Before you ring up the chemist to stalk up on supplements, take a look at these natural zinc sources that are sitting around in your kitchen

Engulfed in an ever growing pandemic, coupled with a fast approaching winter, I get endless enquiries about immunity. My clients want to know which vitamin rich foods they should stock up to be winter ready. Vitamins have become synonymous with wellness and immune protection, and rightfully so. But we always tend to sideline another major component of the wellness tonic – Minerals. Let's shine the spotlight on one such essential trace element of extreme importance - Zinc.

A vital ingredient for all bodily processes especially for Vitamin A absorption. Both are strong antioxidants reducing inflammation and infections in the body.

If infected with Covid, zinc boosts immunity and may improving the sense of taste and smell which one may lose.

It's important for cell repair and growth, helping lymphatic organs eliminates waste properly and for the activity of over 300 enzymes that play a role in digestion and metabolism. Adequate zinc is required by our DNA machinery and neurological health and helps balance blood sugar levels. Even for healthy skin and preventing acne, zinc works wonders.

Before you ring up the chemist to stalk up on supplements, take a look at these natural zinc sources that are sitting around in your kitchen.

Seeds – I call seeds the miracle pellets. It is amazing how many nutrients they can pack within them, including zinc. Sesame, sunflower, poppy, flax and pumpkin seeds all are rich in zinc. They also contain fiber, healthy fats and other vitamins and minerals. Zinc and fat present in pumpkin seeds increases male potency and sex drive and with women it builds the hormones, activates sexual fluid secretion. Have a spoonful or two of a homemade seed mix after your meals and get your zinc fix.

Nuts – There is truly nothing better than nuts. They come packed with protein, fiber, good fats and minerals like zinc. Cashew nut is one of the best sources of this mineral. Almonds and peanuts are not far behind. Roast them in the oven with spices to make the perfect snack during this festive season.

Whole-grains – Wheat bran is your highest sources of zinc in whole-grains so don't skip rotis with veggies just see the bran is added in the flour! For a one pot meal you could make daliya (broken whole-wheat) with moong and veggies.

Dals and whole-pulses –Moong, masoor, tur, rajma, chole etc. are alternated regularly on my table in form of dhals whole pulses or sprouts. All of them have adequate amount of zinc.

Chocolate – Did your eyes just light up? That's usually the reaction to the mention of chocolate. Cocoa the key ingredient of chocolate is a good source of zinc. I recommend unsweetened roasted cocoa nibs to nibble on.

So, bring the zing in your life with zinc!

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