Are skills getting priority in our education system ?

Are skills getting priority in our education system ?

So far, the education system in India was more focussed on giving diplomas and degrees.

Now, the New Education Policy has come up with a skill-based model of education. This has brought vocational courses under spotlight, which seek to make the youth skilful, employable and self-reliant. The Hans India has elicited the views of youth, educationists and the society on the importance of skill development in education

Grads should be assessed upon skills

Education in India is completely knowledge providing and examination to analyze a student's talent is done through marks based evaluation which is completely faulty to assess the complete personality of a person. A person may have immense knowledge and highly skilled but he may not show it through the patter of exams we are conducting, this does not mean he has no skills and knowledge.

And moreover knowledge is gained continuous by a person and his IQ level at SSC may vary from the time he completes his degree, but many companies and even in some PSU they filter the candidates based on their 10 or inter marks, which is completely unjustified to gauge a person's knowledge and skills.

Therefore I feel our evaluation system and education system must change. Every person has some or the other skills, our education system must be designed in such a way that it encourage to bring out and further improve that skill and that talent of his innate quality.

- Diddi Praveen Kumar, lawyer, social worker, Mahabubnagar

A person with skills can do wonders

A person with a skill set will have capacity to understand, thinks logically and learns fast. Skills-based education will definitely ensure better and productive human resources.

A skill diploma holder / graduate will have a bright future in his career and is expected to reach pinnacle in his chosen field. A faculty should be well versed with presentation skills to make students worthy and productive.

- Manohar, Business, Nalgonda

Teachers should encourage students to develop skills

Without practical knowledge no one can succeed. The Institutions are not paying interest on practicals. The teacher should know every student activities. They must notice every activity of the student and encourage them accordingly. Skill development is a key aspect that strengthens an individual and also the nation passively.

Most of the unskilled with a degree are unemployed and also competent people are becoming "skilled labours ". So learning practical and theoretical skills along with proper research and planning results is essential. The educational system should look after the practical requirements of learners. The Indian government is providing up skilling workshops in various aspects but failing to make people aware of the skill enhancement activities.

- Mani Mala, Private Teacher, Khammam

Skills should be given priority

The primary objective of providing education should be to ensure that a person's curiosity is groomed and channelised through structured learning. Earning degrees through educational institutions is perceived as the correct way to gauge a person's knowledge and skills.

Though a degree from an institution is important, having the practical acumen and skills to face the world are of paramount importance. College degree with no skills to face the real world will not help a person grow. However, someone with high talent in fields of their interest will strive and grow in their career a lot.

- Dr Swetha Pasupuleti MBBS MS Ophthalmology, Karimnagar

Skills the need of the hour

The skill development is a need. The success of some individuals history showed how did they were successful with their skill knowledge. In our country, the unemployment rate going very high. The government had not give all the jobs, It was not possible in any government. It is the time for government pay interest on establishing skill development centres.

- T Gayathri, Private teacher, Khammam

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